Any fluent Italians, how would you write, “Love yourself first…” and “Love yourself”?

I really want a tattoo of this saying somewhere on my back or perhaps rib and I was wondering if you guys can help me translate this?I am in love with the Italian language and culture and I would love for wither of these sayings to be on me! Also which one would you guys chose?

“Love yourself first”


“Love yourself”

3 Answers

  • It’s called Google translate.

  • “Love yourself first” would be “Prima ama te stesso”,

    “Love yourself” would be either “Ama te stesso” or “Amati”.

    The first one doesn’t sound so good to me, if anything I’d choose “Love yourself”. “Amati” (read with the accent on the first syllable, “A-ma-ti”) is a fine translation, but it’s a bit ambiguous: in fact, if read “a-MA-ti” (with the accent on the second syllable) it would mean “[those who are] loved”. To avoid any misunderstanding using “Ama te stesso” would be the wisest choice but still, it all depends on your preferences!

    I hope it helps!

  • Prima di tutto ama te stesso or innanzitutto ama te stesso

    Ama te stesso

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