Any harley quinn nick names?

Me and my friend are going as the joker and harley quinn for halloween 😛

and its like a murder mystery party. So we need it to be believable. I call him puddins, but does the joker have a nick name for harley?

(((: tyyy x

11 Answers

  • While Harley always calls Joker Puddin' or Mr J, Joker never really had a fixed nickname for her. Some names I remember him calling her are Harley-girl, Pumpkin' Pie and Pooh.

  • Harley Quinn Name

  • Does anybody have any ideas for a Harley Quinn username?

  • K J A D Girl: Kendall Jordin Arianna Delaney. Boy: Keith Jonah Austin Delaney My husband: L R D Girl: Lila Rebecca Dina Boy: Levi River David

  • The Joker has been known to call Harley Quinn "Harl", "Darling" and "sweets"

  • He sais Pumpkin' pie a lot, and it kinda' matches Puddin'!

  • harls

  • I know this is a super old question, but nobody has said "Toots." He called her that a lot.

  • Mostly pet names like "darlin" and "sweetheart".

  • ***** she calls him jerk . I absolutely adore their connection. <3

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