any one know if Motiv Mountain bikes are any good? I saw one at Costco and never heard of this brand?

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  • you can take anything back to costco and they’ll take it. take it for a spin.

  • They are a mass market bike. Motiv uses low end componentry and the frames are heavy. They are not suited to any aggressive off road riding and won’t handle the abuse. If you get the bike already assembled, get a set of metric allen wrenches and check all the bolts to make sure they are tight. Better check the cranks (usally a 14mm socket or 8mm allen wrench) as well as the pedals. I have run across too many mass market bikes that have had something loose or had poor shifting/braking. A bike shop can probably put you on something for about $240 or so. It won’t have all the latest & greatest things, but it will at least be built by somebody who knows what they are doing (and be better quality overall). Most shops also offer some type of a maintenance service with the bike (a free tune up or something like that).

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    any one know if Motiv Mountain bikes are any good? I saw one at Costco and never heard of this brand?

  • Motiv Bikes

  • I found one in the woods 70ft off the walk/ride/equestrian trail. Freebike’s just another word for nothin’ much to lose. Popped the chain off and dangf that bottom bracket was smooth as butter. Huh? Shimano sealed bearing. Both wheels smooth as butter and the wheels are true. The frame is a tank. The low end Shimano 3 gear up front will work for a few more years It gets new lt & rt combo shifters / brake levers. New seat post w/Gel saddle New chain. If the derailluers give me a hard time I’ll flatten the w/the 8lb hammer and get new or used ones(God bless Ebay). Carrying racks front and rear, fenders, too. Add some camo paint, a rack for the shotgun, a little trailer for the maniac Drahthaar and we’ll be hunting grouse in a 28,000 acre WMA. A Baby Boomer can salvage anything

  • These are not "competitive off-road racing" bikes. I ve had 2 of them for over 10 yrs. now (and yes I did buy them at Costco. They are well-built and very functional. My wife and I have put hundreds of miles on them on both pavement, and dirt roads. I ve had mine on many cowpaths, two-tracks, and game-trails over the years with verry little complaint. They ARE heavy, read that as solid, that is an attribute if you are going to be banging around a lot on back roads and worse. If you want a competition off-road bike go to your local bike-shop and pony up the $500-$1,000 (or more) that these will set you back. If you want a workhorse of an everyday bike that will get you most of the same places, this is a great value.

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    I keep the hand built wheels on my road bikes running within .005″. I also keep the factory built wheels on my GT mountain bike (road use only) within .005″ I do not have experience with off road riding to comment on your particular problem. I will say that what the dealer is telling is kicking in the [email protected] meter. Sounds if they are not very good at truing and tensioning the wheels. Or the wheels are not up to the task of off road riding. I suggest getting a truing stand, spoke wrench, and a dial indicator with a magnetic base. I like to see how much the wheel has moved utilizing the dial indicator. Learning the art of truing wheels will save you time and money. Good Luck

  • I picked up two free motiv mountain bikes that were in disrepair and I combined them into one that works well. I didn’t have to spend a dime and I have a bike to ride around the neighborhood, so I don’t have any complaints. I wouldn’t pay any money for it, though.

  • Hell No! Go to bike shop for a mountain bike! Why throw your money away!

  • great..better than Mongoose

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