Any suggestions on a fantasy football championship acceptance speech?

I’m the only girl in a all male ffl league and I won this season! As excited as I am to have those bragging rights we have an end of season party where the winner has to give a speech. Being the first year we’ve had this group play together my speech is the first ever…. I need to set a precedent. Something sarcastic and self depricating would prob be best….. Just need a few suggestions!!

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  • Ignore anyone here that is a jerk. Listen to those that are not. Keep it short in my opinion. Be kind. If you play up the girl thing, you may find yourself uninvited in the future. Just be “one of the guys.” And I do not mean that in any Տҽ×ual way. Enjoy and have fun. Congratulations. Good luck next year.

  • On White: The Steelers’ rush D is the sort of defense that creates off weeks for their opponents, currently ranking 2nd in the NFL averaging 75.8 rushing yards allowed per game, with only 5 rushing TDs given up to date. They are tough. Jacob’s might get some playing time, but he might be sitting some too. I suspect they will ‘preserve’ him for some playoff time. Go with Ward. But then again, you might want to see if anyone else is one the waiver board. Like Benson, or Jamal Lewis (they are in mine). maybe Foster in SF. Just saying those guys are not great, but could put up some numbers against some very week defenses. I would also assume someone has snagged Pierre Thomas already.

  • I will have to keep this short since I have more than one league championship acceptance speeches to write today. I thought about starting this by doing something obvious like “Thanking God” or saying there is a lot of luck that goes into winning a championship like this. The truth is, I didn’t need either to beat you guys. I expected this and would have accepted nothing less out of myself and my team. A few key notes on the season: ( This is were you make fun of all the other teams like I did in my league.) Who’s ur daddy (Our Commish)- It seems as though my small shot at you in the middle of the season lit a fire in you to bring out your “A” Game “A” is a reference to scholastic grading system where A is the top grade) Your momentum will hopefully carry over to next season to bring some competition and not get wiped out in the first round. Crunk Juice (AKA “Bye week”)- When we got into this league 3 years ago you showed us all what it took to become a a chump. Most of this is because you actually click to view the ridiculous trades your brother suggests four times a week. It also might help to show up to the draft prepared and ready to draft rather than worrying about that stupid scarf you have to wear in the snow. Mother ship- Very impressive for your first attempt at playing with the big boys. While you didn’t show up for the championship you got far more out of your team than would have been expected. Thank you for allowing me to beat you in the first round. Spend some time with Simi it is well deserved. DC surf dogs- Not impressive at all. Might have swung up to varsity a bit too soon. You were like a high school boy going on a prom date and you ejaculated way to fast. Slow and steady wins the race. Duby- Aaron Rodgers should have used KY on you at least when he got that concussion in first round of playoffs. Ouch. and thank you for that trade which allowed me to take home the Bundy. Beverage- It had to catch up with you eventually all those nice pickups off the waiver wire AKA Peyton Hillis” Overall a good showing for you this year but in the end, thanks for your league dues. Buffalo Boozers – Lets see if you can keep that 4 game regular season losing streak alive next year. Very disappointed in you this year from a person who had finished 3rd last year and 2nd the two years before that. Next time show up to the draft………… Points of Authority- You two had been good in years past. Ahh…the good ol’ days. You can’t ride Man Crush to the championship ever year. Thank for letting me win the trophy I will keep it nice and warm for you. Master of puppets: Way to bring it to me in the semifinals maybe next time you can put away your happy sock puppet and actually start a team than can score. Funk squad: Finals… I would say it was a tough match but I benched 2 of my players to make you feel better and say hey it was a close match and I could have one. Maybe next time Team San Diego might not choke like a Tijuana hooker sucking 5 guys off at once. Shortest straws: change your name to short bus since you didn’t even make the playoffs. Have you ever made it to the playoffs? I salute you for the extra cash for my new kid. Thank for buying bulk size diapers for him. On to my next acceptance speech.

    P.S. stay tuned for a special email once I receive the trophy

  • I can only thank all my players for playing like girls and working together as a team to kick your butts!

  • Tell them to suck your d***! That would be funny. Tell them their QBs throw like girls. Anyway congrats.

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