Anyone have experience transferring from military to federal job?

Hello everyone. I would like to hear from people who have transferred from military to federal job. I would like to know the timeline and experience doing it. I know it can be different depending on the job and agencies, but I would just like to know. I finished my college degree and would like to transfer to a federal agency. I am 5 years into my enlistment contract, 2018 it will be up.

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  • The hiring process can take months, from when the job opens for applications to when the first day of work starts. I applied the first weekend of Feb., and didn’t start working until after Memorial Day.

    You can apply while you’re still in, with a memorandum from your commander that says your ETS date and you’re expected to earn an honorable discharge, instead of a DD-214.

    Federal jobs are posted in want to tailor your resume for each specific job you’re applying for, making sure to repeat key words from the job posting in your resume, so the bots think you’re a good match. I applied for a job which I was 100% qualified for, but I wasn’t smart about that resume, so they said I wasn’t.

    Pay attention in the mandatory transition classes, and then take a couple extra elective ones as well, such as the Federal resume writing class.

  • After you complete your active duty service you can apply for a civil service job, just like thousands of other people do every year. You will get a small credit for your military service, but it’s not a guarantee of employment.

  • you do not transfer. you apply for the job and you get a few points of veteran’s preference. if you currently have a clearance, that helps greatly.

    hiring freezes happen all the time, though, so getting into he system can take literally years. sometimes being a contractor is faster and easier, but then you have to worry about your current employer keeping the contract, and if they don;t, will the new company hire you as a matter of course.

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