Anyone here ditch the smart phone for a flip phone?

I’m thinking of doing so because it would cheaper. If anyone has done, what’s it like? I know it sounds rediculous to ask”what’s it like” to no have a smart phone but everyone has one now so I don’t think it’s a rediculous question.

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  • I’ve never had a smart phone, but use a flip phone. A lot of flip phones sold in the US have internet, 3G/CDMA/UMTS capability, and even 4G/LTE. But a more basic flip phone will be just that, just for calls, texts, but will be 3G because 2G frequencies are no longer used.

    In fact, if you are based in the US, China, or Japan, flip phones are more popular there and there is a wider choice. In Europe the choice is more limited, and most European, UK specification flip phones are GSM 2G/EDGE and WAP for basic internet.

    What is it like? I’m not glued to it all day long, or checking it every 5 mins. The battery lasts for around 2 weeks, it cost £39.95 ($80) in 2013, costs £1 ($2) per week for 25 mins, 50 texts, and 10mb per week, with free loyalty boosts every 3 months where you can add extra minutes, texts, or mb for free.

  • I personally can’t do that, but if you think you can survive without all the social media and apps and stuff, I would say go for it. Be prepared to get made fun of though by your friends if you are young

  • Its forward you go not backwards you Dope

  • ask your self if you NEED to check face book, e-mail, navigation, music, or other smart phone apps on a day to day basis. if you can do so without it, get a flip phone.

    even some flip phones have some smart capabilities these days, and can access some apps. but just not everything like an iPhone or Galaxy phone can.

    and, it’s spelled “ridiculous”.

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