Apartment smells like paint thinner. What to do?

When I got home, my entire apartment smelled like paint thinner or stain because of work being done in the unit across the hall. It's way too cold to open windows. I've complained to the landlord by email, but no response yet. My husband and I don't have anywhere to go (we recently moved to a new city), and the smell is making me nauseous. My neighbor is sick from the smell and is leaving to stay with a friend. Any suggestions? Anything I can do to help dissipate the smell either in the hall or in my own unit? Thanks!

4 Answers

  • Turn a fan on and put it in the window backwards so its ꜱᴜcκing from the apartment and blowing it outside... just close the window onto the fan to hold it in place... We had to do it the other day because we smelled gas in our home... The coldness won't come in because your blowing air out. Hope this helps..

  • Any of those noxious fumes may well be risky. you're actually not hypochondriac in any respect. it continually states on all of those cans of glues and paint thinners, paint or cleansing products to have properly air flow. as quickly as I genuinely have some subjects i exploit fairly Vick's vapo rub interior my nasal passage. in simple terms dab a Q-tip and placed that interior the nasal section. The vapor smell will enable you breath extra suited and probably help shrink the smell of those fumes. Sinus problems can nasty and supply you problems so the vapor from the Vick's will sense soothing and supply you some relief. Take a pair Ibuprofen for the problems and this might enable you get interior the path of the day extra suited.

  • Well, you can use a heavy air freshener and/or candles. Use as many air fresheners as possible. If this does not help, especially if you are getting nauseous, get out as quickly as possible to a good friend or relative. Hope you fine help that works for you.

  • Oil based, it's going to last awhile. Water based, should be gone when it finishes drying.

    Can you put a fan in the hallway and direct the fumes away from your unit?

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