Are Blue Eyes Considered An Exotic Physical Feature In Puerto Rico ?

I have a Puerto Rican friend who has blue eyes and he tells me that back in Puerto Rico he is considered exotic looking because of his eyecolor since he says that the overwhelming majority of Puerto Ricans do not have blue eyes unlike most Anglos who do have blue eyes, so he stands out among most Ricans.

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  • Not really "exotic." more like "uncommon." exotic in PR is like an oriental person, indian,

    also someone with yellow hair and red skin. Oh that is sooo exotic.

  • Ok, most puerto ricans dont have blue eyes, but there are alot that do also. Puerto ricans are a mix of spanish(white), black & taino indian. So its not unusual to see people with blue eyes & blonde or red hair here. I am lightskinned, blue eyed & dark haired.

    So I would say no its not so exotic, but its not so typical so i can see why he says that.

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  • Ok, here ( Puerto Rico) theres a mix of all sorts of cultures and genes so although its not the majority people do have blue eyes. I guess the word wouldn’t be "exotic" probably something more like "desired" or "envied"

    Source(s): Puertorican, born and raised island bound.
  • Exotic, NO. Appealing, YES. Any Hispanic of light skin regardless of eye color is considered beautiful. It is just the culture due to the Europization of the Americas. I am a light skinned half Puerto Rican/Spaniard male with black eyes and light brown hair and white skin.

    When I go to Puerto Rico I am more desirable because culturally hipanics are indirectly taught that the lighter the better. Almost all cultures have this nuance. However, Puerto Rico embraces its diversity and honestly, intellect is as important as looks.

  • no way!!! There are a lot of PuertoRicans who have blue eyes. It is true that not every single person has blue eyes but its not weird to see a person with blue eyes. My eyes are olive yellowish color and not for that I am considered WOW exotic or something like that. like other people have said we have a mix of races so some of us might have blue eyes, some green and like the majority who have brown eyes. it all depends

  • I am from small town in Pr , half of my family have blue, green ir hazel eyes. I think in most families there is a person with light eyes. My eyes are blue green with dark rim around them and they really are exotic and different. Yes there are a lot of light eyes in the island, -as well as brown…. not uncommon.

  • Since we are a mix of europeans (mostly from Spain, but also minor groups from France, Germany, Corcega, and other regions), africans, and taino natives (plus americans since 1898) people with blue or green eyes are not largely common. The grandmother of my wife had hazel eyes.

    So, since they are not common your friend maybe right to call them exotic.

    Most anglos having blue eyes? They have higher % of people wth blue eyes than hispanics, that is true but not "most" of them have blue eyes. Darker eye colors are dominant genes no matter the race.

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  • wow, your friend likes to brag and think he is god because he has blue eyes? ha, thats a laugh.

    but yeah, its not rare, but not too common for a puerto rican to have blue eyes. their is more green eyes than blue in our culture. but we have all kinds of eyes colors, from hazel, gray, blue and green. the most dominant color its dark and light brown. ive mostly seen more biracial hispanics, black and white puerto ricans who have blond hair and green or blue eyes. here in puerto rico there is this ignorance that people over look their beauty because of the eye color. I seroiusly do not like men with green or blue eyes, because I was raised in the USA and its not anything exotic to me. Mostly people who do think its strange are the ones that have never been out of PR or never visited USA. I personally think that hazel yellowish eyes are my weakness and very dark brown eye color. I do not like blonde hair, I love dark hair. so it all depends, If I see your friend to me is like any other guy, nothing special since my preference its not green or blue eyes with blonde hair. I rather go out with a guy whos eyes shine as dark as the mysterious night and hazel as the river sand, I believe they are more expressive than blue eyes.

  • Most Puerto Ricans are white PR is the latin american country with most whites after argentina and uruguay…..(we are spaniard white) so blue eyes are not the most common eyes, but ther are not rare or exotic….they are just not common…….

  • blue eyes are rare worldwide, more abundant in Ireland, Scotland and Nordic countries, during the colonization we have Catholic Irelands migrating to Puerto Rico. I had two of my uncles with blue eyes, one with hazel green eyes as well as My Grandmother, red hair as well in my family as well as brown skin, white skin as we are a mixture of races

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