Are British people obsessed with weather?

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  • I am British and personally I would say we are. I recently took part in a self development program that taught me to focus on whats in my control and not whats out of my control. One of the things thats out of our control is the weather, i had to regularly stop myself from talking about it or partaking in convos about, or even letting it stop whatever action i was going to do. I realised then just how many times on a daily basis the subject of weather came up and it was pretty crazy to realise and to realise how many people let something so out of their control have influence over there lives and even their goals.

  • Not literally obsessed , no . But it is a topic of interest .

  • we British according to Americans had 49 obsessions in 2020 and

    today we Have 5 More

    or is this more American Rubbish

  • my grandfather said to an American pal when he said, “don’t you British talk an awful lot about your weather?”

    “Yes, but we have an awful lot of weather to talk about.”

  • We have an interest in it because we have some of the most changeable weather in the world.

    It’s not true to say it rains most of the time (London has less average rain than Rome or New York). However it is hard to predict and you can never guarantee anything.

  • Not literally obsessed , no . But it is a topic of interest .

  • Yes I think we are , It is quite an occasion if we get good weather for more than 1 day.

  • I don’t know why, it rains 75% of the time.?

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