Are cookies considered Bread?

i am giving up bread for Lent, & I was wondering if Girl Scout Cookies are considered Bread. Thin Mints & Dosidos.

7 Answers

  • Bread and Cookies are both considered Carbs and usually people give up Carbs for lent if they go that route. However, if you're just giving up bread then you're good. Cookies are pastries, desserts, or junk food... not bread.

  • Cookies are considered quick breads. They contain similar leavening agents as other quick breads such as baking soda or baking powder and are generally made from wheat flour. Outside of the US, in English speaking countries, cookies are even called biscuits which suggests how closely associated they are with other quick breads.

  • The word "cookie" is in the name - heck no! It's not "Girl Scout Bread" - it's a yummy cookie. You can eat them all you want. That's funny - most people give up cookies for Lent, not bread.

  • Cookies are made of dough. Bread is made of dough, hence, Cookies are bread, and bread is the same as a cookie. You dunce.

  • Do you make cookie sandwiches? Don't think so. no.

  • No... -I think they're considered Pastries...

  • i dont think so

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