Are cr2016 and cr1616 batteries the same size?

Are cr2016 and cr1616 batteries the same size?If they are would a 2016 battery fit in a 1616 battery holder?Or the other way around

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  • No, CR2016s have a larger diameter (20mm vs 16mm).

    It may be possible to use a CR1616 in place of a CR2016, since they have the same thickness and discharge current, but it's better to use the recommended cell.

  • Cr1616 Batteries

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  • the size codes are simple. CR 1616 is 16mm diam and 1.6mm height, CR 2016 is 20mm diam and 1.6mm height.

    the voltages are the saem for all , the thicker ones have better battery capacity

  • Energizer shows the 1616 is 16mm diameter, the 2016 is 8mm. Thickness is different too. Not interchangeable.

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