Are dented cans supposed to be half price?

In the movie Big Daddy, Adam Sandler in one scene says dented cans are half price. Is that true?

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  • That's not true. Stores do not have to mark down the prices on canned goods that are dented. The only reason they may is to try and sell the canned good given that most people look at a dented can and choose to avoid it (despite their not really being anything wrong with a dented can; it's bloated cans that you need to avoid). As for how much the canned good is marked down is really up to the purveyor; just like any clearance goods.

  • Used to be that dented cans had the chance of the integrity of the can being compromised. So, the stuff in the can had a better chance of going bad soon and they sold it at a discount to get it off the shelves. These days, they put a plastic film lining in the cans, so that's not an issue with dented cans.

    However, people still have a stigma with dented cans in that they would rather have an intact can if the price is the same. So, stores often will go around and collect all dented cans on the store shelves and take them to a special "discount" shelf or basket, where they write some discounted price on the can. The price isn't necessarily 50% off the regular price. It's just a lower price that management puts on it to get it to sell. Otherwise, it would just sit on the shelf forever and no one would buy it.

  • No matter if they are half price or not, they should not even be sold so leave them on the shelf, or better yet, take them to the checkout and tell the cashier you want it off the shelf. A dented can, no matter how small a dent, can be open to bacteria entering the can and potentially causing food poisoning. They are dangerous and should never be purchased. And just for future reference~ do not believe everything Adam Sandler tells you.

  • That is fiction so they can say whatever they like, as it is just a line in the movie.

    In real life it is up to the retailer to el free to sell them at whatever he wishes.

    I would expect any where from 75% - 25% discount on canned foods depending on how badly dented they are.

    You are taking your chance about the quality but as a rule the will be ok, but use them PDQ, I always keep them in the front and look for them first.


  • No. Often, stores will sell dented cans at a discount so that customers will buy them without complaining, but there is no rule or law that requires this, and the amount of the discount can be any amount.

  • Not always. Sometimes a retailer will discount them. If they are discounted and the amount they are discounted are completely up to the merchant.

  • Nah

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