are frozon berreis supposed to be soggy even after its thawed?

I suppose I cant really eat them as they are?

4 Answers

  • Yes, they WILL be soggy.  Freezing breaks down the cellular walls that keep the insides held in.

    Use thawed frozen berries in oatmeal, yogurt, over ice cream, mixed in with ginger ale (strain out the solids).  Over scones, crumpets, pancakes or waffles (try adding whipped cream to the berries and waffles).  Peach melba is DELICIOUS with prepared peaches and thawed frozen raspberries.  You can also make pie from thawed frozen berries … just be sure to add cornstarch or minut-tapioca to the juicy berries before putting on the top crust of the pie and baking.

    My daughter pops frozen (unthawed) blueberries into her mouth as if they were candy .. especially during hot summer days.

  • Yes they turn soggy and yes you can still eat them they’re still fine.

  • Yes they get soggy and yes they are perfectly edible, just not better mixed into smoothies or make a cake/sweet bread.

  • Learn how to spell first. It is Frozen Berries. And yes, they are. 

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