are hospitals open 24/7?

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  • Well we go to the Naval Hospital.I know that the emergency rooms,Pharmacy and Labor and delivery are open 24/7.I’m not sure about the rest.

  • Yes they Are Open 24/7

    and Called the Emergency Rooms. =)

  • Emergency Rooms are. The hospitals themselves have visiting hours, though, meaning you can’t just walk in through the front doors at 3am. The exception is if you are immediate family visiting a serious patient or expecting mother. The specific rules vary for each hospital. The one I worked security for was pretty lenient; so long as the patient was ok with you being there, you could pretty much stay with the person you were visiting 24/7, so long as you didn’t cause problems.

  • Patients don’t stop needing treatment when everyone goes to sleep ^_^

  • Yes! 😀

    My dad was in one for a long long time

  • the emergency room is

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