Are Lunchables healthy?

I am trying to start a new diet regimen and i was thinking about eating lunchables for lunch. I wanted something that is not too expensive and something that is easy. I am 20 years old by the way.

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  • They are very high in sodium and processed, not healthy at all. One thing you could do is cook a cнιcκen or turkeyʙʀᴇᴀsт and eat it through the week in sandwiches, wraps and salads. Here are some ideas:

    There's tons more--just google cheap healthy diet lunches.

  • Healthy Lunchables

  • Are Lunchables Healthy

  • During these last two months, I have eaten lunchables for my breakfast and lunch. I have lost about 20 pounds in just eatin those and a healthy dinner. So, try it

  • Lunchables are prosessed - the meats, cheeses, etc ..

    Even the crackers are refined (not wholegrain) so theres really no nutritional benefit to these lunches.

    I don't understand why there on the market for kid's, there abunch of -.

    Anyways .

    Try making you're own lunchables- here are a few ideas:

    • Wholegrain crackers/ flatbread crackers
    • 2oz cheese (or 2 cheese strings)
    • 3-4 slices lean deli meat- cнιcκen/ turkey/ ham/ roast beef (or white albacore tuna- canned in water)
    • crunchy vegetables with 2TBSP hummus - or a medium fresh fruit.

    Wholegrain sandwhich with lean deli meats or natural peanut butter

    • 2 Slices wholewheat bread, wholewheat wrap or pita/ english muffin
    • either; 2TBSP natural smooth/ crunchy peanut butter or 2-3 slices lean deli meat
    • vegetable condiments- (peanut butter; thinly sliced apple/ chopped banana) or condiments such as, lettuce, tomatoe, onions, peppers, cucombers, etc .. for deli meat sandwhich
    • slice of cheese- deli meat.
    • lowfat sauce - mustard/ honey mustard, margerine, bbq sauce, etc ..(or optional TBSP natural jam for peanut butter)


    Hope i'v helped, goodluck!

  • Lunchables aren't healthy although convenient. If you want a new diet regimen that is healthy and is really effective, I recommend this one. It's one of the best ones...

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    No veggie No fruit High calories for cheese and crackers wifh turkey Any pre-prepared meal is going to be loaded with sodium and preservatives as well. so no, not really healthy for you. But it I'd better than some if the alternatives.

  • Not really if you look at all the preservatives and chemicals in the food. Organic fruits, veggies, and meats are the best way to go in my opinion.

  • no it is all processed crap. i have hear of this drink. its called ensure. it is a dietry drink, kind of like a liquid lunch. very good, good for you, and filling. i drink it every day for breakfast. if you are on a diet then deffinately try this.

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