Are miniature giraffes real?

you know the commercial for direct tv when the rich guy kisses the mini giraffe?

are those giraffes even real?

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  • Have you ever seen a miniature horse? Yes baby giraffes are much larger, standing 5ft tall at only weeks old. But is a genetically engineered miniature animal reall that far fetched? Seems ridiculous to call someone a fool for thinking outside the box… afterall it is what makes science push the limits of what is dreams and what is reality. They’re not real… yet

  • Miniature Giraffe

  • Just thought I’d throw some trivia that many may not know: Giraffes have the same number of neck bones as human beings. :0)

  • I wish those were real so badly it hurts! Every time I see that commercial I nearly fall over laughing.

  • dude, what was this commercial advertising?

    i was just telling my sister about the mini giraffe and want to show it to her and don’t know what to search for in youtube to finde it!


    Yes, completely real, so are unicorns. Did you know gullible was taken out the dictionary?

  • lol i saw that commercial too but it not real

  • theyre real if you belive

  • i wish

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