are paint fumes dangerous?

we had painters come todya to paint a room and I think today they just did a primer, but the fumes are very strong of course. so I was just wondering if it’s dangerous ot inhale paint fumes? It’s definitely uncomfortable breathing!

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it’s not a dumb question, its actually a good question. The people painting the room did not tell us we need to get out of our house or anything, they just said it would smell. so thats why I asked, because this is what yahoo answers is for. I wondered if I was in danger but thought well they didn’t tell us to go stay somewhere else, but wanted to ask for other people’s opinions. To those of you who answered and left tips, thank you so much.

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  • yes it can be. You can get paints that do not contain fumes but most still do! Open windows and also would suggest pour in to lots of bowls malt (brown) vinegar in absorbs the smell of fumes and neturalises the air just a tip

  • Paint Fumes

  • Paint fumes are very dangerous. You should open all the windows for several days after they finish to allow fresh air in and the fumes out.

  • In answer to your question,it depends on the type of paint used.If water based paint is used it is not such a problem but if you are using solvent based paints then there can be side effects such as nausia etc.I don’t think there are long term effects unless you are using 2 pak paints which can contain some rather nasty chemicals,isocyanates and the like.Like most things commonsense is needed,eg plenty of ventilation and there shouldn’t be too many problems.Hope that answers your question for you.

  • i know you have your windows opened. I would try to find somewhere else to stay while the painting is going on and after also till the fumes dissipate. and if you have children, get them out of the house. its very dangerous to be inhaling paint fumes.

  • We are having our offices painted, and we do not have any windows on our floor. The fumes are giving me a headache!

  • yes it is very dangerous..

    What happens to the brain with over-exposure to paint fumes is the destruction of brain cells and disruption in normal brain activity. When toxic paint fumes are inhaled (be aware that paint can soak into the skin and cause the same problems as inhaling the vapors), these toxins target fatty tissues such as the myelin sheath of the brain. Over time, this protective covering of the brain becomes removed, reducing brain cells and damaging axons. Presently, the process of demyelination is irreversible and decreases nervous system activity effecting neurological and behavioral functions. Abnormalities in brain areas are apparent such as, if there is damage to the cerebellum, involved movement can be affected, or if the cerebral cortex is damaged, cognitive dysfunctions can occur. Also, brain-imaging techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), can detect lesions or size reduction in areas of the brain including the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and brainstem.

    Some common signs and symptoms of over-exposure to paint fumes is dizziness, headaches, frequent runny nose or eyes. In severe cases, you may experience difficulty breathing, tremors or shaky hands, irritability, memory loss, or slurred speech. If you experience any of these symptoms after exposure to paint fumes, consult your physician immediately.

  • oil based paint is not good to breath fumes , not used much indoors anymore though

    latex or water based paints arent too harmful unless you have respiratory problems

    open some windows and it should clear up pretty fast


  • not really dangerous . not great for you but not dangerous. the oil based paint is now rarely used. you should just close the doors to that room open the windows in that room and set some fans up to run all night in there.

  • I painterd my outside shower with oil base paint. I got it on me and now I feel like I have nerve damage and my legs arent working right. I have been in emergency ,had MRI brain scans ect. It is dangerous..I hope I dont have to live with this much longer.

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