are psychic readings real?

okay so yesterday i went to get my palm read with a friend. everything was really accurate when she was doing my reading. but then some things were incorrect and actually related to my other friend instead of me. like she told me that i have recently been looking for a job, which was incorrect. My friend related to that one because she has been on job hunts, and she was also incorrect with my love life. She said she couldnt see anything for my love life but she can tell my friend was having love problems. i am the one with the actual love problems instead of my friend. do you think its possible that she mixed us up? my other friend didn’t even want a reading but we both could tell that the psychic lady did not like my friend because she told her she did not want a reading because she felt that she would be betraying god and not putting her full trust in him. What i am asking is if it is possible for another person next to you while having a reading done to confuse the psychic? The psychic also told me that i will have an encounter with an older man coming my way who i will have an affair with. what do you think she means by that?

okay well can someone please answer my main question in the description and not the title.

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  • No.

    And I bet that if you had a recording of the session, you’d find that everything she said was vague and could apply to anyone, or at least anyone that had the same attitude, dress, and friends as you.

    It is called “Cold Reading” and it is a scam.

    Palm Reading, Tarot Cards, Mediums, whatever they call themselves, it is a con by people that are mentally ill and ACTUALLY believe they have magical powers, people so desperate to feel special that they convince themselves they have powers, or are overt and conscious con artists.

    Watch the “Talking To The Dead” episode of Penn & Teller. They show how it is all done.

  • Real Psychic Readings

  • Are Psychic Readings Real

  • Psychics are fraudsters.

    There was no real confusion except that those fortune teller are doing what is called cold reading, which is to suggest something and watch for reaction. Saying you have a problem, and seeing your friend flinch, she will assume that she is right about you, and will improvise from that point.

    The only thing that is 100% right about those psychics is that they are crooks. Their powers are fake. And you paid for that.

    What she meant about you having an encounter is “here is something that will intrigue you, so you will come back for more garbage prediction, and I will get more cash out of you sucker.”

  • Don’t waste your money..

    You would be better fo going to your local casino…

    There are no psychics, just ‘cold readers’ and lucky guesses…. you’ll notice that they ask more questions than giving answers. This easily answers your question regarding the ‘mistakes’…

    If you believe this clap trap, you will be looking for this vague older man and may make decisions about one that you would never have made to make the reading come true. This is called a self fulfilling prophesy…. you expected it and did things to make it happen…


  • How silly of you to ask ifpsychic readings are real, after you paid for a reading which was false.

    How much convincing do you need?

    PSYCHIC EADINGS ARE PHONY and so-called pyschics are phony and only want your money.

    Go in peace.

    And, always remember: — Jesus loves you!!


    Uncle Floyd.

    Be blessed!


  • Nope. Psychics aren’t real.

  • My answer is very why everyone wants to say we are right for everything we say. we try to convince people with facts that we can see and we believe only what our family and school have thought us.

    is their life after death I say yes, can I tell you future yes .

    But you need lots of concentration,training,good faith,love for your neighbors and loyalty.

    Yes you have you own aura, yes you can get mixed information that’s why you do it yourself not two people together.

    NOW investigate how good this fortune person is, get info, they can not tell you the age exactly but more or less yes. and remember never,never this will be for personsl profit, that why they don’t have the lotery numbers. but they can tell you something not thru due to lack of concentration and interpretation.

  • Yes. I dont know about palm reading but some are legit. It’s quite incredible.

  • As Carl Sagan said, “there will always be religions, and astrologers.”

    Why? Because people like to be deceived, and believe in magic.

    The world, really doesn’t revolve around your little puny life or mine. Psychics are frauds. You got duped.

    As P. T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    You are one of them. I’m sorry for you. Money is a precious thing. To fritter it away on frauds is a sad thing.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. You asked.

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