Are there any cheap alternatives to electric shaver cleaning unit fluid (Philips charge £5 or more a pop)??

The new Philips shaver comes with a 'cleaning unit' that uses special cleaning fluid, but it runs out quickly and is super expensive to replace. There must be a cheaper alternative than the own branded stuff, or even another household fluid - like contact lens cleaner?? Any suggestions appreciated.

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  • Just use regular methylated spirit (a.k.a denatured alcohol) from any hardware store. What the Philips (and Braun - for their shaver cleaning cartridges) solution is, is simply alcohol that has been dyed and fragranced. If you wanted to make your own cleaning solution, i'd suggest mix some meths with some lemon juice and a small amount of machine oil. That should do the trick. (PS if you try this, you do so at your own risk)

  • Braun Shaver Cleaning Fluid

  • Philips Shaver Cleaner

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  • Buy a small bottle of Isopropyl Alchohol from your chemist. This is a good cleaning fluid and will not effect plastic as does cellulose thinners. ( It also cleans off the sticky deposit left when you peel off stick on labels)

  • well my dad uses some cheap spirets like cheap vodka or gin £6.00 for 1 l of vodka and it would at least fill it 5 times cos alcahole contains methanol and is exacley the same as the philips recharge

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