Are there any mammalian cells that would be a good source for dividing cells?

Questions for Mitosis 5. Which stage of the cell cycle is the longest? Interphase is the longest stage of the cell cycle. 6.


ANSWER : 5. The interphase is considered as the longest stage of a cell cycle because it takes more than half duration of a complete cell division. 6. Onion root tips are the area of rapidly growing cells, hence we clearly observed all the stages of a cell cycle via using microscope. 7. The epidermal cells (or cheek cells) are rapidly dividing cells in the mammalian body, while the cells found in the nervous system (neurons) are unable to divide due to absence of centrosomes cell organelle inside them.

8. The interphase is the longest phase of a cell cycle, during this stage cell prepares (synthesize DNA and proteins) for further cell division while prophase is the first phase of cells division that follows by interphase.

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