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  • Loads. Off the top of my head: (I quit, but quite a lot of people like it) (very similar to Wajas. not as good in my opinion) (the art is fab, but the site has kindda died…) (I was addicted for a while, got over it. It’s a pretty good site though. You get Griffin-like pets and you can explore with them and breed them) (if you like cats. same concept as Wajas, not as good) (dog version of the above. Art is more realistic than the other sites. It’s really for dog lovers…you can train your dog and enter it in shows ‘n stuff)

    http://www.cнιcκ (a LOT of Wajas players like CS. It doesn’t appeal to me so I haven’t made an account) (It’s pretty new and I personally don’t like it much, but it seems to be attracting quite a few Wajas players) (currently down for recoding. from memory, the site art was terrible…but I liked it for some reason. stopped playing ages ago) (a bit different from Wajas. You can make still make customs, but they’re in art form, rather than just markings put together. Breeding on this site is a LOT more special, and it’s super expensive – equiv. of 25+CWP for one same-species breeding. And there’s quite a few other differences, but too many to list. This is one of my favorite sites, but not recommended if you’re under 13)

    Personally, Wajas and Aywas are the only ones I’m active on ^^ There’s quite a few others that I’ve played, but I don’t remember them right now… hope that helps!!

    Source(s): uhh…my memory. I found all these sites when I was trying to find a site that beats Wajas’s awesomeness 😛
  • ummm wolf quest and umm howsre

  • lol seeing how some of you people word your questions on Y!answers just makes me laugh

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