Are there any states that do not have covid restrictions?

I remember last year we went on a road trip out west and like every hotel they had a person wearing a mask and you had to have breakfast in a bag. My dad said that Texas and Mississippi are opening, so i was wondering what other states have hotels that do not have covid restrictions. Please be precise. Answers would be appreciated.

5 Answers

  • Yes, Alaska has removed restrictions and replaced them with advisories. Some other states have cut them significantly and Texas has left it up to businesses . Many states plan to further relax restrictions in April.

  • You can go on any state’s web site to read their Covid restrictions to date.

    You can go on any hotel’s web site to see their current restrictions 

  • Some states are lifting their mask mandates, but many businesses within those states are choosing to keep such mandates in place.  I think it’s highly unlikely you’ll encounter any chain hotels in any states that are no longer enforcing COVID precautions.  And they should be enforcing COVID precautions – this isn’t over yet.  Soon hopefully, but not yet. 

  • Assuming you don’t want to actually catch COVID, you should avoid them… 

  • I’ll be precise. You’re an idiot. Those restrictions saved lives. Chances are good things will be much better this summer, as vaccinations have really been ramped up. As the rates of infection fall, things will open up more, and hotels will ease those restrictions. Get vaccinated. Wear your mask. Hope that the country continues to recover. 

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