Are These Spanish Answers right?

2 Answers

  • Hola, Jake:

    You did great! There are only two mistakes:

    Exercise 3:

    1. El restaurante Del Mar es MÁS (more) caro que el restaurante Los Amigos.

    NOTE: Don’t forget accent marks!

    👀 In Spanish, ‘mas’ (without the accent mark) means ‘pero’ (= ‘but’).

    1. Inés es la MÁS joven (youngest) de todas las estudiantes.

    NOTE: You wrote the adjective (‘joven’), but forgot the word ‘más’, needed to make the superlative form.

    Saludos. ㋡


  • Number 5 in the 1st section should be "mas joven"

    Other than that, you did very well. Good job!

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