Artworks made using alternative media and processes ________.

The kinds of artworks made using alternative media are ________.

abstract art, landscapes, portraits, and still lifes
clay, fiber, glass, and porcelain
graphite, oil paint, aquatint and bronze
performance art, conceptual art, installations, and environments Installation artworks:

can take place inside or outside
consider how the viewer will move through the space
transform the traditional space of an exhibition
Each answer shown is correct
immerse viewers in the artwork Artworks made using alternative media and processes ________.

focus our attention on objects, actions, and events we might otherwise overlook
all of the other answers
break down categories of traditional artworks
break down the traditional boundaries between art and life
none of the other answers Andy Warhol used commercial processes to create many of his works because ________.

he wasn’t an artist at all
his professor in art school told him to
all of the other answers
he wanted his work to have a depersonalized and mass-produced quality
he wanted to be able to hide his work in a grocery store for safe keeping Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs consists of ________.

three chairs belonging to world leaders
three things that a chair could be
three things that a chair could never be
one chair reflected in a three-way mirror
copies of chairs from three famous artworks In his No. 5/No. 22 (1950), Mark Rothko focused on the formal element of ________ to emphasize ________.

Color, a deep, contemplative experience
all of the other answers
Line, a narrative story
Shape, a popular icon of contemporary culture Donald Judd ordered the boxes for his Untitled artwork, made in 1967, from a factory.

False Romare Bearden, the artist of Three Folk Musicians, was particularly influenced by which of the following?

Cubism, African masks, and the Harlem Renaissance
Minimalism, Polaroid cameras, and classical music
the Italian Renaissance, yo-yos, and gardening magazines
Afro-Cuban dance, metal spatulas, and Where the Wild Things Are
none of the other answers Michael Graves’s Portland Public Services Building is an example of ________ architecture.

all of the other answers
ancient Which of the following approaches is characterized by artworks that have aggressive lines, rough textures, and personal narrative?

Performance and body art
visionary art
Pop art Which of the following influenced Jean-Michel Basquiat, as seen in his painting The Nile?

all of the other answers
earlier artworks
African-American experience
African heritage

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Installation art refers to a term generally used to describe artwork located in three dimensional interior space.






7 true





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