As an air mass increases in temperature, its dew point. o

As an air mass increases in temperature, its dew point. o a. increases o b. condenses o c. is unchanged o d. decreases





a researcher conducts an experiment on the secretion of a particular hormone in mice. scientists inject mice with a substance that stimulates the production of the hormone. the scientists then test the levels of hormones produced by the mice. the tool used to measure the hormones consistently detects the levels at 10 points lower than the actual hormone levels in the mice. this tool makes measurements, but the measurements aren't .


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in the year 2850, humans successfully colonized mars. the martian modules that were constructed could hold only a small population of people. it is now a century later, and the population on mars has grown to 600 people. of the current mars population, 45 people express the recessive phenotype for phenylketon- uria (pku) syndrome (pp genotype).


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