As production increases. variable costs per unit

5. As production increases, variable costs per unit a. stay the same b. increase c decrease d. either increase or decrease, depending on the fixed costs 6. Contribution margin is the excess of sales revenue over variable cost another term for volume in the cost-volume-profit analysis a. b. c. profit d. the same as sales revenue A firm operated at 90% of capacity for the past year, during which fixed costs were $420,000, variable costs were 40% of s ales, and sales were $1,000,000. Operating profit was b. $420,000 d. $980,000 a. $180,000 c. $1,080,000 8, Variable costs as a percentage of sales for Lemon Inc. are 80%, current sales are $600,000, and fixed costs are $130,000. How much will operating income change if sales increase by $40,000? a. $8,000 increase b. $8,000 decrease c. $30,000 decrease d. $30,000 increase 9. A companys planned borrowings and repayments appear on the: a. production budget b. operating budget. c. interest income budget. d. cash budget. The sales budget is used directly in the development of the production budget. a. True b. False


5) option a
Stays the same
6) option a
the excess of sales revenue over variable cost
7) operating profit
Contribution (1,000,000*60%)= 600000
less fixed cost -420,000
Net operating profit 180000
option a
8) contribution ratio =100-80% = 20%
increase in income thus 40,000*20%
option a
$8,000 increase
9) option D
cash budget
10) TRUE
option a

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