Atheists can you tell me honestly aren’t you impressed by the personality of Jesus Christ?

Even a little bit?

18 Answers

  • The man as described in the Bible, if he existed, seems to have been a pretty decent and admirable guy. It’s just all the superstitious flim-flam I can’t get behind.

  • Yes. I just wish He had a hint of a sense of humor. Just once I’d like to have heard, “Verily verily I say unto you. So, a rabbi, a Roman,and a duck walk into a bar…”

  • Gandhi: “I like your Christ, I don’t like your Christians”. There are many sad excuses for Christians on this category.

  • If he actually existed (and is not simply PR and the concatenation of different people) then his teachings were certainly interesting.

    There is no way to be impressed about his personality since his personality is not something that is described in detail in the Bible.

    And since there is no proof God exists, if Jesus did exist there is no reason to think he was anything other than another preacher.

  • Not at all.

    And for the same reason I am not impressed by Superman: because he is also fictitious.

  • I might be impressed by Ben Franklin, DaVinci, or Einstein, but to be impressed by a character who’s narrative and story have been embellished for millennia in writings that are full of third person fabrications, I would be more impressed by Rambo.

  • Sorry, I haven’t met the guy.

  • I find him a bit too preachy.

    And I didn’t like the way he talked to his mum.

  • The problem is, it’s not even been proved that he ever existed.

    But just supposing that he did, and he behaved as it was written in the bible, and said what the bible says, he was an extraordinary man. He preached love, tolerance, acceptance and peace. Who could object to that?

    But as for his claims to be the son of god, that was obviously a delusion.

  • I prefer the personality of Winnie the Pooh.

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