Atheists: do you like waking up on sunday mornings?

And feeling the morning sun shining right in your face ^^

I also like Oasis, or i used to listen to them before alot.

9 Answers

  • Best day of the week for me!! Love to go to church.

  • I like waking up every morning so sunday is not special unless your an idiot.

  • of course

  • My bedroom faces east, so the sun shines on my face every morning from April until October.

    Sunday mornings are no different.

  • Lol! Great answers, people.

    I wouldn’t like the bright sun shining in my face when I wake up to go to church, either. 😉

  • No. And want to know why?

    Because I have curtains.

  • I don’t like the sun touching my face at any moment of any day

  • Where I live I’m more likely to be woken up by rain lashing against the window.

  • Yes, I enjoy having nights off and going to sleep whenever I feel like it and also waking whenever I feel so inclined. Im not sure what this has to do with my lack of belief in god(s) though

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