Atheists: Do you think we should worship “Twilight Sparkle”?

If we do we may get smarter, because she studies hard so maybe some of her luck will rub on us when we go to college or university.

7 Answers

  • Just follow her example.

  • Worship? I’d sack everyone concerned with it for gross offences against public taste.

  • You go right ahead and worship whoever or whatever you like.

    If worshipping someone conveyed their traits on us, then every Christian would be ethical, moral, tolerant, and compassionate.

  • Not if I have to have a shrine in my house with it. Little ponies of any sort would clash terribly with my interior design… and no, I won’t change it.

  • Why worship? it has no value

  • I have no idea who you mean. But atheists don’t worship anyone or anything – so, no.

  • “Twilight Sparkle” is also silly and not real, so you may as well be.

    Good christ you need a life.

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