Atheists: why is it that atheists women use long leggings and males chino pants, while christian male and females have jeans pants?

Is there some mental differences that is the reason, as in Jeans makes you seem flexible. While the other stuff is much more slacking material

7 Answers

  • You seem to think your ignorance and perceptions bare some importance to others.

  • I mostly wear jeans and occasionally excersize pants when hiking and jogging.

  • I am an atheist and I am wearing jeans.

    Your observation is unsubstantiated, therefore there isn’t any need to try and explain which does not exist.

  • All the atheist women I know wear jeans if they are dressing casual.

    Jeans don’t make you seem flexible, that is what people have told by the jeans companies.

  • That’s a false assertion. I never wore jeans when I was a Christian, and I never do wear them since I converted to atheism. I never wear long leggings or chinos. What do you mean about flexible and slacking?

  • I wear corduroy plus fours.

  • Atheists all wear different things – there isn’t a uniform!

    It’s the same with Christians.

    I never wear leggings. I don’t know anyone who wears chinos.

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