¿Que pasa si mi perro se comio un raton?

Estaba vivo ..lo mato y se lo comio era gigante…8 AnswersHola, mientras no notes algo raro como vomito o algo no hay problema … Pero si nota algo extraño no dudes en llevarlo al veterinario!! Suerte!!bueno ten cuidado puede que alrato vomite le de nauseas, osea puros pelos de rata hacen daño ,pues no es … Read more

crossword puzzle?

heres some questions i need help with…–simplest living cells (10 letters) _r__a_y__e–to talk informally (4 letters) chat?? c___–menacing simple celled organisms (9 letters) ____e___m–from th latin word acere meaning sour (7letters) n__l___Those are all i need…thanks.Thanks guys…….for all the help8 Answers1. prokaryote2. chat3. bacterium 4. nucleussimplest living cells (10 letters procaryote or prokaryoteto talk informally … Read more

Is it true that some Catholic Priest and nuns wear chasitity belts ?

ive heard that some Catholic Priest and nuns wear Chastity belts . some where em permanently while some were em during their training.If yes what is the reason ?11 AnswersTo practice celibacy is a hard task.Mostly the practioners try their level best to do it by control of the senses. At times they may need, … Read more


please x3 AnswersI’ve only just figured this out myself! 🙂 When you make a video, after clicking edit, choose ‘modify last’. Then select ‘reverse’ on the panel that appears. You cannot save your video when you reverse it, as it is only a demo; you need to purchase it. 🙁 Hope this helps xWell basicly … Read more

how do i stop quark separating when cooking with it?

3 AnswersQuickly for thoes who dont know Quark is the traditional soft cheese of central Europe. It is softer than cream cheese, but more dry than sour cream. It is favored by many since it is more lean than either cream cheese or sour cream.You want to use Quark with out rennet. Rennet (pronounced /ˈrɛnɪt/) … Read more

How much does Invisalign cost…?

If you only need to fix one tooth? My canine tooth grew in too high, and it’s pushed out a bit too far? How much do you think it would cost for only ONE tooth? Thanks! (: 3 Answers Even if it’s “only one tooth” their specialized process and expensive materials will be used to … Read more

At what temperature will both liquid and gas be present?

The melting point of benzene is 5.5 degress C and its boiling point is 80.1degrees C.2 AnswersThe boiling point, which is 80.1 degrees C.A mixture of liquid and gas are present in this temperature.at the boiling point, not all of the benzene is going to boil at the exact same instant. They will both be … Read more

What are some cute names that rhyme with lucy ?

For a puppy6 AnswersSusie, Juicy, Bussie, Cutesy, Nazi (lol jk), Spicy, Fancy (my fav among these), Pixie, Sexy, Saucy, Bouncy, Gipsy, MercyYou can search rhyming words on the internet. I’ve found a couple of sites with rhyming word search engines: http://www.rhymer.com/RhymingDictionaryLast/lucy.h…http://www.rhymezone.com/r/rhyme.cgi?Word=lucy&typ…As long as your only making it rhyme with the last two letters then:Marcy DarcyQuincy … Read more

Can you start a sentence with ‘Becoming’, in an essay?

3 AnswersAbsolutely fine.“Becoming obese through over-consumption of processed foods is a malaise of developed countries.”Of course you can if the rest of the sentence is phrased correctly. “becoming adept at all the rules of English grammar takes years of study.”Becoming aware of the hazards of pollution problem will surely help us in solving environmental problems … Read more

employment application PIN number?

I’m trying to apply for a job online for McDonalds and it says i need to Enter 4 digit PIN ?,what is that ? and where do i get one ?. Thanks3 AnswersIt’s a password. You choose it when you sign up to open an account on the job site. PIN stands for Personal Identification … Read more

qual’è quella cantante americana giovane e bionda?

4 AnswersTaylor Swift, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Hannah Montana, Esmee Denters (recente scoperta di youtube), Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Jamie Lynn Spears (sorella di Britney ma più che cantante è un’attrice), Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefany, Christina AguileraNon me ne viene in mente nessun’altra, spero sia una di queste ^^Jessica Simpson???http://www.musicjam.it/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/…Britney spears, Lady gaga, Hannah montana, … Read more

When does Dooley’s Original Toffee Liqueur go bad!?

3 AnswersCream liqueurs such as Bailey’s, Tequila Rose, and Dooley’s are good for about two years as long as they are not opened. Once they have been opened, keep them in the refrigerator and consume them within six months. Since Dooley’s is lower in fat than Bailey’s, it should be good for longer. If there … Read more

What’s that rolling stones song that goes “woo hoo ooh ooh ooh”?

sorry but i forgot what it’s called… :S9 Answersboth of the answers above could be correct.This Site Might Help You.RE:What's that rolling stones song that goes "woo hoo ooh ooh ooh"?sorry but i forgot what it's called… :SWoohoo Song“Woah Oh! (Me Vs. Everyone)”-by Forever The Sickest Kids is the only song i can think of … Read more

History help?!!?

A 20th century historian said of the 1820s: “it was the miraculous machinery of the times… Which made it obvious that things were getting better all the time.” How do you think the people you have read about in this chapter would have responded to that statement? Please help!2 AnswersMany people at the time would’ve … Read more

When the equation below is balanced, what will be the correct set of coefficients?

AlËÃ(COËÄ)ËÄ + ZnClËÃ æ ZnCOËÄË+ AlClËÄAI2(CO3)3 + ZnCI2 —> ZnCO3 + AICI31 AnswerThis is really more of a chemistry question.Let the balanced equation beαAl2(CO3)3 + βZnCl2 → γZnCO3 + δAlCl3Match up components:Al: 2α = δCO3: 3α = γZn: β = γCl: 2β = 3δObviously, there isn’t a unique solution (you could double all the coefficients, … Read more

Aux light on thermostat?

The aux light came on my thermostat last night and there is not heat. Any ideas? 5 Answers Sounds like you have a heat pump system with auxiliary (emergency) heat. Usually the auxiliary heat is electric heating elements. When the heat pump cannot keep up with heating demand, auxiliary heat takes over. Check the basics. … Read more

(john tucker must die) song during kiss after kates date?

the lyrics go sothing like ” she’s a mystery shes to good for me, but i keep comming back for more” idk i tryed a couple seaches to find it and this is my last resort5 AnswersThe Click Five – Just The GirlShe’s cold and she’s cruelBut she knows what she’s doin’She pushed me in … Read more

Brooklyn 11223 theme song?

What is the song to the opening credits to Oxygen’s Brooklyn 112231 Answeroh gawd wtf is that! I live in Brooklyn and that is some of the most disgusting bullshit I have ever seen.