Is Opinion Outpost legit? Or a Scam?

24 AnswersMostly a waste of your time and energy. The message appears "You are not qualified" when you try to take a survey. Which makes no sense. When you do begin some surveys, you might find yourself seeing the message "You are not being honest" 20 minutes into the survey. Which makes no sense since … Read more

What if I wear a thong in the locker room?

Ok so I’m going into high school and I wear thongs occasionally b/c I play volleyball (spandex shorts you know) and we sometimes will be having games after school, and besides i think they’re more comfortable. I don’t really care about people seeing my, but I’m worried that people will write me off as … Read more

Do anyone know what happened on Katt Williams Vs. Steve Harvey?

umm can anyone give any details?8 AnswersMy brother’s answer: Well, me went to di show last night and as Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey, and da rest of the foxxhole family was expecting he (Katt Williams) basically did jokes on Steve and threw in some new jokes in between each thing he would say about Steve. … Read more

which statement is true about every parallelogram?

1) All four sides are congruent2) The interior angles are congruent3) two pairs of opposite sides are congruent4) The diagonals are perpendicular to each other2 Answers3) two pairs of opposite sides are congruent3) only

Can unfrozen hot pockets be eaten?

We bought hot pockets but we don’t have enough room in the freezer so we just stuffed it in the fridge. Is it still good? What’s the worst that could happen to it if it’s not frozen?Is there a time frame I need to eat them by?4 AnswersYeah they are still fine but just dont … Read more

Alexander’s kingdom was split into _____ major parts?

please help me guys.Alexander’s kingdom was split into _____ major parts1 AnswerFour. His successors were called the Diodachi. The parts were the kingdom of Macedonia (most of Greece), Antigonus (western Asia Minor and Thrace), Ptolemy (Egypt), and the Seleucid empire…The largest part, being eastern Asia Minor, Iran, and Syria.The Diodachi fought among themselves, from about … Read more

Will there be a season 2 of Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara?

I’ve just finished the anime, it looks like a happy ending. But i’m wondering if the manga is still continuing? or was this it?1 AnswerThere are currently no plans for a second season as the anime just finished today in Japan, give it some time for them to sell the DVD/BDs for there to even … Read more

How do I get rid of spider eggs on my window?

I’m on my computer all the time because I do online schooling. My window is right in front of my desk so I’m starting at these egg sacs all day, it’s starting to make me uneasy cuz I don’t want spiders in here. There’s at least 11 big egg sacs on the window, I’m on … Read more

Minecraft Millenaire Mod; Sick child (Son is pale and won’t eat anything) Help?

I’m stuck and it says that i don’t have the necessarily resources. What do i do? Please help!2 AnswersI was stuck on that as well!You have to get food from another cultureeg: If you are in Aztec place you have to give them curry from a different town:)Hope I helped1Source(s): Guide to Getting Pregnant

Physics Pre-Lab problem. please help (10 POINTS)?

looking down from a stationary tree branch, a merry-go-round with a 1 meter radius spins in a counter-clockwise direction with an angular velocity of 1 radian per second. fro your viewpoint, a bird of mass 0.2 kg flies in a straight line over the axis of the merry-go-round at a uniform speed of 2 ms. … Read more

Predict the indicated bond angles in the following compounds?

(i) The H-C-H bond angle in H2C=O(ii) The C-N-H bond angle in (CH3)2NH(iii) The C-O-H bond angle in CH3OHHow do you do it? do you have to figure out if the hybridization C atom is an sp sp2 or sp3?2 AnswersFirst you want to draw the Lewis Structures. Calculate the valence electrons and assign the … Read more

will a wheeled mechanic in the army see combat action?

I am a 23 year old trained automotive technician and heavy equipment technician. I attended Universal Technical Institute for 2.5 years and also took a Ford specific program. I am a civilian working in the automotive mechanic field and have been for a few years. My life kinda got messy and I want to start … Read more

reubicacion uabc?

alguien sabe que onda con la reubicacion ? :s1 AnswerBueno la reubicacion consiste en que te cambien de carrera a fin o similar por la que hicistes el examen ya sea en la ciudad donde presentaste el examen de admision u otra ciudad donde la carrera no este saturada claro todo depende de los puntos … Read more

is it ok to feed a cat vienna sausages?

i don’t have anything else 🙁wahhh :(((i just found it thats why i don’t have any cat food. lol8 AnswersProbably not good to feed them a vienna sausage, but cats will eat pretty much anything that of a meat substance. Can you not afford cat food? If that is the case, you probably can’t afford … Read more

you cant be a pimp and a ᴘʀosтιтuтe too?

what song has this lyric?just seeing how many people know the song…… great lyrics : )8 AnswersSong: Icky Thump Artist: White Stripes Album: Icky Thump Love the song! Hope I helped 🙂Source(s): I own the CD and have read and listened to the lyrics before, and even saw them in concert, and they performed that … Read more

Accounting help 10 pts !?

Accounitng Help 10 pts?1.Revenue should be recognized is received.b.the service is performed.c.the customer places an order.d.the customer charges an order.2. Which statement(s) concerning cash is (are) true?a. cash will always have more debits than credits.b. cash will never have a credit is increased by debiting.d. all of the above.3.A debit may signify a(n):a.decrease … Read more