Deviation from ideal gas behavior?

Which set of temperature and pressure conditions will cause a gas to exhibit the greatest deviation from ideal gas behavior?a) 100 degrees C and 4 atmb) 100 degrees C and 2 atmc) -100 degrees C and 4 atmd) 0 degrees C and 2 atmThe book gives me the final answer, but can someone explain why … Read more

Whens the best time of day to call a girl?

I think I heard somewhere once, something about afternoon during the weekend and evenings during the week? Something like that?10 AnswersGirls love it when a guy calls a girl right after school so they still have all of their friends hanging around…. kudos! kudos!!If you call before 12.00 midday we will think we have been … Read more

what is innerocular distance?

i did that face analysis thing and apparently my “innerocular distance is too big for my eyes”what does that mean?2 AnswersIt’s nonsense. Ignore it.I m pretty sure it means your eyes are too far apart

2CO (g) + O2 (g) —> 2CO2 (g)?

please, explain the lewis dot structures to determine bond type (single, double, or triple) and average bong energies. also explain the reaction is exothermic? please, i have my paper turn in tomrrow morning1 AnswerIt’s a bit difficult for me to show the lewis dot strustures here, so you can go to the link below… But … Read more

Find the total magnetic flux through the plastic of the soda battle?

An open plastic soda bottle with an opening diameter of 2.5 cm is placed on a table. A uniform 1.75 -T magnetic field directed upward and oriented 25 degree from vertical encompasses the bottle. What is the total magnetic flux through the plastic of the soda bottle?1 Answerthe magnetic flux = B A cos (theta) … Read more

What does 445 to the power of 12 equal?

Im in grade seven and i have a math test this week and i really want another A on this one. I HAVE tried it on a calculator but it always ends up ending with e+31 or something like that. Please answer quick 🙂 its my last question for math •.•2 Answersyes , it’s6.03 x … Read more

Has anyone ever tried the Cali Girl Brand Dieters Tea Drink?

My friend looks fab after her weight loss. She diets and exercises yet she incorporated this tea drink in her regiment. However is this fat that is lost or water weight?? please help….20 AnswersI’ve been using to for about 2 weeksI get it from the 99 cent storeWell I drink it before i go to … Read more

Nintendo wii error code 52131?

my wireless wii internet has always been working but all of a sudden when i tried to connect to the internet its says error code 52131..i have a good signal2 AnswersThis answer comes directly from Nintendo’s Website:Error Code: 52131The Wii is unable to connect to the InternetLikely cause: The wireless router is incorrectly connected, or … Read more

what is CE 0197 standard ?

for the medical device2 AnswersCE 0197 is a certification of medical quality used by the European community, analogous to FDA certification in the United States.The CE Mark, which is affixed to a product or its packaging, is considered proof that a product has met the requirements of the harmonized European standard, or directive. “CE” refers … Read more

What channel is TSN for Dish Network?

Looking to find out what channel the Blackhawks are playing on tonight other than Versus.4 AnswersI had illegal Dishnetwork and I watched it on channel 1400…..don’t know if that’s rightWhat comes on your channel 170?Oooh….LITY, I am a violator haha, I have illegalTSN shouldn’t be on the Dish Network (Canadian cable channels are not eligible … Read more

He kissed my hand, what did it mean?

Me and this guy are I guess you could say… practically dating. He kissed me on the hand the other night in the car after our date when we were saying goodbye. What does that mean?18 AnswersAwww! That’s so sweet. It sounds like he really likes you, and respects you. He is being a gentleman, … Read more

Does Hot Topic sell fake lip rings and nose studs?

I used to have a lip ring and nose stud, and both looked awesome, but my high school said I would be suspended and not graduate if I wore them to school. The holes ended up closing up because of this. I’m in college now and can get them re-pierced, but I’m not allowed to … Read more

Is lake tahoe west of LA?

7 AnswersNo. LA is on the west coast. Go west from there and you’ll get your feet wet! 8^) Lake Tahoe is on the eastern edge of California, on its border with Nevada. Somewhat north of LA.Is Tahoe West Of LaSource(s): off all the answers given are completely wrong. Is tahoe west of LA … Read more

Is the Nike color “Dark Obsidian” black or dark blue?

I’m looking to buy some cleats from the NikeID thing and I’m wondering if they’re navy because they kind of look like it. Does anyone have them that can tell me if they are or not?3 AnswersThey are a very dark navy,I have 3 pairs,.What Color Is ObsidianSource(s): ColorSource(s):

What is a potential boyfriend ?

what does it mean to have a potential boyfriend ?10 AnswersTo me when I think of a guy as a “potential boyfriend” it usually means that so far I like everything about him and i think we are a great match. But I have to get to know him better and make sure he doesn’t … Read more

Bath and Body Works Hand Soap Help?

This is going to sound silly, but I just bought some and for the life of me I can’t get it open. What do I do to make the pump work? I tried twisting it, and that didn’t work neither did pushing down on it. I feel like an idiot but any help would be … Read more

how long does a mani-pedi take?

So prom is coming up soon and I was calling making appointments and planning stuffs and before i called i was wondering what the average time for a mani-pedi was? like how long does it take to get it done at the nail salon?4 AnswersMore than an hour.Pedi TimeSource(s): depends on how busy they … Read more

How many sides does this polygon have?

How do I solve this his math question: The solutions to the inequalities 0≤x≤2, 0≤y≤1, and y≤−1/ 2 x+3/ 2 form a polygonal region in the plane. How many sides does this polygon have?4 AnswersWell, the best thing is to make a drawing my my points 0≤x≤2, 0≤y≤1, forms a rectangle with corners : O(0,0) … Read more