MapleStory Frozen Tuna?

I’m working on my forever-beginner and I’m looking for a Frozen Tuna. Now I’ve read Seruf drops the level 10 FT, but that’s a common equip. I know the lvl 20 Beginner only comes from Gachapon, but which one?Thanks, CrashI DID try those sites. They didn’t help at all.Did some serious digging. It’s found at … Read more

What is 200 divided by 3?

Please answer this SOON.13 Answers200 divided by 3 is 66.66666667…….200/3 (200 “over” three)= 66.66666666666666666666667 (66.6-repeating. Since a 6 always follows the last 6 you write, that last 6 that you wrote is rounded up to a 7)66 2/3.200/3=66 2/3 or 66.6666666………200/3=66.6666666….766.66666666666667 or 66 and 2/3!66.667 or 66 2/366 & 2/3rds = 66.7 (to nearest 1 … Read more

How do you know that Helios’s cattle will be slain?

3 AnswersBecause it says so in the Odyssey. Both Teiresias in Book 11 and Circe in Book 12 warned Ulysses that the cattle on the island of Thrinacian belongs to Helios, and that if any of them are killed then Ulysses will lose his ship and his men. But both books 11 and 12 are … Read more

Has anyone tried Pineapple Super Fat-Melter for diet?

I recieved this offer by mail that Joann Metzger, has lost 43 pounds in 6 weeks by using the homemade pineapple jelly , has anyone tried it? if you have pleaseeee tell me how long you tried it for and how much you lost . anyone knows anything about it? pleaseeeeeeeeee i am desperate to … Read more


You know the part in Aquamarine where the mermaid girl dances with that guy Raymond at the Last Splash? Where… the two friends of the mermaid girl request a song to the band? and they dance? and he teaches her how to dance…HELP!!4 Answersisland in the sun by WeezerSource(s):……Aquamarine Soundtrack SongsSource(s): [SOUNDTRACK] … Read more

Do wine coolers go bad?

My father has a bunch of wine coolers left over from some party he had 2 years ago (no idea why they been in the fridge that long) lol but the power went out for a day or two and came back on so basically they havent been cold the WHOLE time but I’m wondering … Read more

Who sings the song “Motoring” (commonly called “Sister Christian”)?

14 AnswersNight RangerIt’s not Twisted Sister. It’s one of my fav. songs from the 80’s.This Site Might Help You.RE:Who sings the song “Motoring” (commonly called “Sister Christian”)?Source(s): sings song motoring commonly called sister christian: Sings Sister ChristianSource(s): Group was Night Ranger not Twisted Sister. The guys in Night Ranger were definitely better looking!!!!!!!Sister … Read more

Which of these represents the correct hierarchical order?

community, population, organism, ecosystem ecosystem, population, organism, community organism, ecosystem, population, community organism, community, ecosystem, population organism, population, community, ecosystem2 AnswersLast on the listthe correct order is organism, population, community, ecosystem

Molecular formula for sucrose dissolving into water?

C11H22O11 + H20 –> ?sorry C12H22O11 for sucrose4 AnswersYou end up with wet sugar. Wet sugar that has split up into individual molecules of sugar, but nothing more. It does not dissociate into ions.……………………H2OC12H22O11(s) ——–> C12H22O11(aq)Sucrose Dissolved In WaterSource(s): of solute divided by kilograms of solvent…………………..H2O(l)C12H22O11(s) ———-> C12H22O11(aq)(ignore the dots, I needed the place … Read more

What is the formal charge on the Xe atom in XeF4?

1. +2 −4 0 +43 Answers3. 0 Draw out the lewis structure. Formal charge=number of valence electrons-nonbonding electrons-(1/2)bonding electrons=8-4-(1/2)8=0Xef4 Lewis StructureSource(s):’s 0,Source(s): just got it right

Heat of neutralization question?

How should the two heats of reaction for the neutralization of NaOH and the two acids (HCl & Acetic Acid) compare? Why?Based on my data they are almost the same. Are they supposed to be?1 AnswerThe strong acid- strong base reaction should give more energy. So why is the heat of neutralization (enthalpy) of a … Read more

Any other songs like “The middle” by Jimmy Eat world?

Upbeat, inspirational, about life not love. This is for a program called Operation Snowball. Its a weekend retreat that is based around a song so im looking for the perfect message! Ones in the past hav been… Streetcorner Symphony You get what you give Smile Unwritten Life is a Highway My Wish True Colors I … Read more

Who is speaking in the song “Thrills” by Cake?

It sounds like a beat poet or some sort of speech, anyone know? I can’t find answers anywhere online!2 AnswersYeah, that’s Ken Nordeen, of Talking JazzCake ThrillsSource(s):

If my driver’s license is expired can I still buy alcohol?

I’m 31 but they still ask me for ID sometimes. My license expired on June 2nd and I haven’t had the chance to renew it. I don’t have a car right now anyway. So I was wondering…is it still a valid ID for non-driving stuff?I look young lol15 AnswersIf it’s expired, it is no longer … Read more

Which of the following appears most favored by natural selection?

a. bipedal locomotionb. binocular visionc. live birthd. opposable thumbse. intelligence2 AnswersNone of the above.All the above are traits of the Human animal but your questioner seems to think natural selection tends towards man, it doesnt.There are more insects than men so nature seems to prefer six legs.There are more single celled animals than insects so … Read more

Kerosene heater won’t turn off?

Hi, our kerosene heater won’t turn off when u turn the nob on it or flip the emergency switch it doesn’t do anything it just stays on. It looks like we will just have to let it burn out. Do u guys have any idea what would cause this and maybe how to fix it. … Read more