Can hamsters eat bird food instead of hamster food?

I have a huge bag of bird food and it’s very similar to hamster food. Can hamsters get all the nutrients they need from eating bird food?7 AnswersI dont believe they can get all of their nutrition from it but i know that rodents do enjoy eating bird seed alot. If your worried they wont … Read more

where can i go besides badge addicts to get free pogo tokens?

4 AnswersBadge Addicts is a good source because the free tokens are actually just links to the various offers Pogo has going. That is as long as you are not clicking on some of their advertisers!! I don’t know of any other source that is legitimate. You will want to be very careful where you … Read more

Is buying from DLSite safe (Buying Hatoful Boyfriend)?

I’m asking in this section because this site sells indie dating sims and such, and I figure someone who’s a regular here has had to buy from it or know someone who has.DLsite.comI’m checking out Hatoful Boyfriend, and it brings it you to a site domain belongs to Which I think is a … Read more

Songs about bad timing for love?

Songs about being in love with someone but it’s not the right time && hopefully things will work out in the end. My best friend and his ex are at different places in their lives right now & need different things but they still want things to work out in the future. Any song genre … Read more

Does the Family Dollar store sell weight scales?

Im curious bc i dont want to go there and find out they dont have it, in which case, i have wasted plenty of my time…..would Walgreens be better? There arnt much stores where i live…4 Answersi have seen them there here in the usai dont know if they keep them on hand call and … Read more

what the hell is 1 guy 15 kilo?

someone sent me a link, when i went there i found this video "1 guy 15 kilo" and i don’t wanna watch it, did anyone watched it?? please tell me what happen in the video!!!!!!! D: thanks for answering!! D:3 AnswersSome guy lifts a gas tank and two soda bottles with his balls.1 Guy 15 … Read more

Finish this sentence-I’m as nervous as a….(make it funny)?

I am writing a speech and having a brain ƒᴀʀт, i cant think of anything funny to end the sentence with…so give me something funny keep in mind i am writing this speech for a woman…who ever makes me laugh the hardest gets best answer…..Oh and make it original…i don’t want a common known joke … Read more

What does oook mean in text slang?

I was texting my girlfriend and I told her about the scene in the dictator where the guy is literatly milking the woman. And she said "oook". What might that mean?3 AnswersOookSource(s): just means "okay" but she was feeling awkward about the sceneit means "ok" but with an emphasis on the "o" part of … Read more

The Adams’ family started when Uncle Fester ƒᴀʀтed…?

How does the rest of it go?4 AnswersHe ƒᴀʀтed through the keyhole, and paralyzed the cat.Ah, that takes me back to my primary school days.This was my schools version.. The Addams family startedWhen uncle fester ƒᴀʀтedThe smell went through the keyholeAnd paralysed the catThe cat was made of plastic The children were elasticThe mother was … Read more

who likes defensive driving? :D?

1 You may not operate a vehicle unless all child passengers __________ are securely fastened into an approved child restraint device. (A) 4 years of age and under (B) 50-100 lbs. (C)5-8 years of age (D) 60-100 lbs. 2 Place or secure large items and loose objects in the __________ for safety and to deter … Read more

What is And who is using it?

Recently I was alerted via gmail that someone from an IP starting with was in my email account. When I looked up the site it was unable to access it, and I don’t totally understand just what is going on. Is this simply a company phishing, a single person trying to hack for whatever … Read more

What is a “broad question”?

I’m not English. A girl asked me "Soooo tell me things about yourself! A broad question, I know. :)" What’s that “broad question”? Thanks!4 AnswersIt means it’s a very vague question that could have many answers. It’s the opposite of a specific question, which could have been “Do you like cats?” that asks directly one … Read more

Lewis Dot Structure? IonicCompunds?

My textbook doesn’t give any real instruction on how to draw and figure out the Lewis Dot Structure so can someone please explain or give a good website I can refer to? or explain how to combined, draw, and write out Li, S Thanks so much4 AnswersThe dots and crosses represent the electrons in the … Read more

Can you help with Spanish superlatives? ?

Example: Javier quiere alquilar el carro más caro de todos. Javier quiere comer en ____________ de la zona. The phrase that fits best is el buen restaurante.But when I submit “el restaurante mejor” and “el restaurante mas mejor”, our online homework assignment doesn’t accept it. We get unlimited tries to get a 100%. What am … Read more

Find the plane determined by the intersecting lines (Calculus III Help)?

Hello,need some help with this problem. my math is not coming out. PLEASE SHOW STEPS! Thanks so much for your help. Find the plane determined by the intersecting lines L1 : x= -1 + t y= 2+t z = 1-t L2: x= 1-4s y=1+2s z=2-2sAnswer: y+z=3Thanks again!2 Answersx=-1+ty=2+tz=1-t——–x=1-4sy=1+2sz=2-2s———–1+t=1-4s =>t=-4s+22+t=1+2s4-4s=1+2s6s=3 =>s=1/2 =>t=0verify:1-t=2-2s1-0=2-11=1 truethe point of intersection … Read more

does a cash register tell you how much money to give back?

i wanna apply at hot topic, and im terrible at math…… will a cash register tell u how much to give back to the costumer or do u have to do it in your head7 Answers1Source(s): Claim $100 Free Gift Card – Cash RegisterSource(s): Newer modern cash registers tell you how much to … Read more

Multiple Choice acounting help 10 points!?

1. Which one of the following is not a characteristic generally evaluated in ratio analysis?a. Liquidityb. Profitabilityc. Solvencyd. marketability2. Which of the following are the basic functions of management?a. Supervising and directingb. Decision making and supervisingc. Organizing and directingd. Planning and controlling3. Which of the following is false in regards to direct materials for an … Read more

anime about mechanics?

I’m looking for an anime that is about mechanics. I really like how in steampunk anime they work with and repair things and was wondering if there is any anime that deals primarily with that.thank you ^_^1 AnswerSteamboy is about an inventor in a steampunk setting, but it’s more a travelling adventure. Ayukawa one … Read more

Statistics help!!!!?

Determine the point estimate of the population proportion, the margin of error for the following confidence interval, and the number of individuals in the sample with the specified characteristics, x, for the sample size provided.Lower Bound=0.482, upper bound=0.918, n=10001 AnswerPoint estimate of the population proportion = Sample proportion = [0.482 + 0.918] / 2= 0.7Margin … Read more

Songs about being 20 years old?

I know there are songs about being 16, 18, etc…but I was wondering if there are any songs out there about being 20? does anyone know a website where they compiled all songs that are about ages? i know theres a few sites out there for songs that are about names…so I’m just wondering about … Read more

Why do they say gank instead of kill in Supernatural?

In the show, i’ve notcied many times they substitute kill or killed with “gank” or “ganked.” Just wondering why that is? Does it have to do with restrictions on the channel or show?4 AnswersI think it is more a Dean think. I don’t think Sam or Bobby use the term that often and if they … Read more