What is the mass of 8.50×10^22 molecules of NH3?

I can’t understand how to solve it or what conversion factor to use 🙁 please help im studying for a test!!4 AnswersYou would use Avagadro’s number (6.02×10^23) to solve this. Here’s how:8.50×10^22 molecules of NH3 x 1 mole of NH3/6.02×10^23 molecules of NH3 = 0.14 molesThen you convert from moles to grams. First we need … Read more

Which of the following involve an increase in the entropy of the system?

Which of the following involve an increase in the entropy of the system?a. melting of a solidb. sublimationc. freezingd. mixinge. separationf. boiling2 AnswersGuessing entropy is always a tough one in thermo, but here is mine and reasoning: a. melting of a solid – increase- a melted substance has more disorder and options than a solid, … Read more

word that describes something that looks good but is actually bad?

is there a word or phrase to descibe something that looks good or appealing but is actually bad or harmful?5 AnswersPoison apple…Wolf in sheep’s clothing…Deceiving!Specious, Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious. [ quotations ▼] This idea that we must see through what we have started is specious, however good it may sound.Deceptively tantalizing.Source(s): … Read more

Why are Californians so arrogant?

I’ve noticed this in my travels and now that some kid posted that question about “insignificant states hating California” I just wondered has anyone else noticed how arrogant they are?Whats so great about smog and traffic jams?19 AnswersCalifornians that I work with are always talking about how great California is, yet they left the state. … Read more

What is the strongest neopet in neopets?

3 AnswersThere is no such thing as the strongest. You can train any of the neopets up to as high a strength as you can. Plus, all the neopets can use the strongest weapons as well, so there is no difference between them except for looks.Some pets are stronger than others in some areas when … Read more

Identify the limiting reagent and the volume..?

5. Identify the limiting reagent and the volume of CO2 formed when 11 L CS2 reacts with 18 L O2 to produce CO2 gas and SO2 gas at STPCS2 (g) + 3O2 → CO2 (g) + 2SO2 (g)a. O2; 6.0 L CO2b. CS2; 5.5 L CO2c. O2; 27 L CO2d. Cs2; 11 L CO21 AnswerLimiting … Read more

Which of the following is not a genre?

a. Short story B. Essay C. biography D. Plot8 AnswersALL of themD. PlotSource(s): meShort story, Essay and Plot are not genres. Genres are styles of writing. i:e: biography. autobiography, thriller, horror, DIY, History, Religion etcA plot is not a genre in literature.plotplotplotd. plotSource(s): carnival guesser

Why did some sections of the country feel betrayed by President Zachary Taylor?

He was a Northerner who wanted California to adopt popular sovereignty.He was a Southerner who supported California’s admission as a free state.He was a Southerner who wanted California to enter as a slave state.He was a Northerner who supported a ban on slavery in California.1 AnswerHe was a Southerner who supported California’s admission as a … Read more

A centrifuge rotor has a moment of inertia of 3.20 10-2 kg·m2.?

A centrifuge rotor has a moment of inertia of 3.20 10-2 kg·m2. How much energy is required to bring it from rest to 8000 rpm?2 Answers8000 rpm = 8000*2pi/60 rad/sec = 837.8 rad/sec = angular speed wEnergy required = increase in KE= 0.5*I*w^2= 0.5*3.2*10^-2*(837.8)^2 J= 11230 JCentrifuge RotorSource(s): https://shrinkurl.im/a050m

Can you microwave bagels?

I’m in the mood for a bagel. I have plain ones. And I dont know how to use the toaster LOL cause I’m only 12 and I really dont want to burn the house down. So can you microwave bagels? And how long?7 AnswersMicrowave for 10 seconds and your bagel should be fine.If your bagel … Read more

Please prove this: d/dx (csc x) = – csc x cot x ?

please show me how to do this!6 Answersd/dx (csc x) = -csc x cot x You know that csc(x) = 1/sin(x), so try to make the left side of the equation look like the right side. d/dx (1/sin(x)) = -csc x cot x So from here just focused on manipulating left side. Use the quotient … Read more

Classifying electrons question?

Classify each of the following aqueous solutions as a nonelectrolyte, weak electrolyte, or strong electrolyte.CH3CH2CH2OH, CuCO4, HClO, HClO3, LiClO4, C12H22O111 AnswerElectrolytes…..CH3CH2CH2OH ….. nonelectrolyteCuCO3 …. nonelectrolyte … reacts with water to make solid Cu2CO3(OH)2 and CO2 gasHClO …. weak electrolyte / acidHClO3 ….. borderline weak electrolyte / acidLiClO4 ….. strong electrolyte …. ionizes completelyC12H22O11 ….. nonelectrolyte

You can probably find algae _____.?

a)that conduct photosynthesisb)in polar regions or hot springsc)on your dinner plated)all of the above2 Answersd)all of the aboveAlgae contain chloroplasts, which conduct photosynthesis. (Chlorophyll, a pigment found within photosynthetic organisms, contribute a green colour)There exist algae which can easily withstand heat in excess 60 degrees Celsius.In addition, you eat algae. Yumd) all of the above. … Read more

is the the show deal or no deal a staged show or reality?

5 AnswersNeither, it is a game show. It is staged in the sense that I am sure they try to pick contestants that will be entertaining and try to make the show flow in a captivating way.Like all “Reality” shows, they choose the contestants for their entertainment potential. Someone boring and lifeless probably wouldn’t make … Read more