What kind of stuff are you into?

Like hobbies & stuff.14 Answersreading working puzzlescross stitching.crocheting and writingMusic, video & online games, word games, writing & creating characters and sleeping. I don’t do sports.badminton, listening to music, anything artsy (guitar pianon drawing writing etc), watching tv, playing with animals like dogs and stuff.Source(s): i love animalsCollecting things worth money.Reading, writing, singing, dancing, and … Read more

a drastic way to diet? (math homework help)?

k you know those stupid worksheets with puns? well i did mine but i think the answers wrong…“an extreme but effective way to diet is hidden in the letters below. you might call it the algebra diet.i got suynomeal?7 AnswersI got buynoteal…..oh!!! It’s buynomeal, buy no meal!The answer is BUYNOMEAL. It is supposed to sound … Read more

WhAt haS a BotToM aT tHe ToP??

10 pts to the first right answer!! 🙂10 Answersa pair of legsThe legs! Because our bottom is at the top of our legs!Legs or a chair as well.legsi think it’s a pair of legsA glass, as you are finishing the beverage..A coin?the sea?a carrot??butt ƈɾąƈƙ?

Besides Ebay and Trade-a-Plane, where can I list my airplane for sale?

I’m looking for national exposue, similar to Ebay or the Trade a Plane magazine.10 Answerswww.barnstomers.com That’s where I bought my Sonerai. It’s free to list, but you must promise to send a donation if your airplane sells. The price list for an upgraded ad is below: FREE = up to 100 characters of text and … Read more

Is Alex reymundo dead?

The Mexican comedian. I was watchin Rednexican and it said in loving memory of Alex Reymundo Mejia. Is he dead or were they talking about his dad?4 AnswersAlex Reymundo is not dead. He is currently performing on a 25-city nationwide tour with Ron White.His dad is alive too.Alex ReymundoSource(s): https://shrink.im/a8eqyThis Site Might Help You.RE:Is Alex … Read more

THE call of the wild NOVEl questions please help?

The Yukon is the main _______ for this story. A. symbol B. genre C. plot D. setting 6. How did John Thornton die? A. He died from frostbite to his feet. B. He was killed by a group of wild wolves. C. He was killed by Native Americans. D. He died in the river rapids. … Read more

“A dream itself is but a shadow” meaning?

“A dream itself is but a shadow” Do you know what that means? It is from Hamlet and is from Act 2.4 AnswersBoth are non entities cannot be held are unable to be captured except in memory.This Site Might Help You.RE:"A dream itself is but a shadow" meaning?"A dream itself is but a shadow" Do … Read more

May Gemini vs. June Gemini?

What differences do you see between May and June Gemini?I was born on May 21st, so I’m right at the start of Gemini. (and very Gemini indeed. My sun, moon, and ruling planet Mercury are all in Gemini.)I see so many differences between Gemini born in May and Gemini born in June that I’m convinced … Read more

Seaweed and kelp are _____ algae.?

a)brown b)red c)fire d)golden-brown2 Answersa)brownSource(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_algaeSeaweed And Kelp Are _____ AlgaeSource(s): https://owly.im/a94OS

Is a Living Environment course the same as Biology?

My school put me in a Living Environment class because I need to take a Regents exam for it (due to change of schools) , but I took Biology my freshman year. So am I repeating the same course?My school put me in a Living Environment class because I need to take a Regents exam … Read more

what does this means 18 H on a G C?

4 Answers18 holes on a golf courseIt is a puzzle. The correct answer is 18 holes on a golf course. There are many others, like 52 W in a Y is 52 weeks in a year. Get the idea?18 holes on a golf course.WHAT DOSE THIS MEAN 18 h ON A g c

What is talkmatch.com. Is it a part of Match.com?

I have a paid subscription to Match.com (dating site). And there’s been 2 times now that I received an e-mail (regular e-mail, not from the site directly) that said some woman made me one of her favorites. When I click the link to view the woman’s profile, it goes to Match.com. But, it never allows … Read more

bond values ? please help will mark best answer?

a) What is the value of the bond angles in SiCl4?b) What is the value of the smallest bond angle in XeF4?c) What is the value of the bond angles in BCl3?d) What is the value of the bond angle in I3^- ?will check back later thanks for the help1 Answera) 109degrees28minutesb) 90degreesc) 120 degreesd) … Read more

Did ZZ Top ever record a version of “Bad To The Bone”?

I know that George Thorogood and the Destroyers recorded the most popular version of the song. But I see some websites saying ZZ Top recorded it too. Is that true?6 AnswersI have never heard a version of Bad to the Bone sung by ZZ Top, and since it is my husband’s favorite song because it … Read more

Pocket God Ep. 39 on part 29 what is eating lunch in?

3 Answersyou have to turn on the fishing. let one of the pygmies catch the fish. then drop the fish in the igloo and wait for one of the pygmies to crawl in.Put a fish in the igloo and a pygmin will enterput the fish in the igloo first and let a pygmy crawl in

wtf happend to www.ani-haven.net?

i shows some different page when i enter it.2 AnswersYou may have adware if you are getting redirected or the website has been changed.Look for adware by using Malwarebytes and Superantispywarehttp://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.phphttp://www.superantispyware.com/download.htmlAlso another good one is SpywareDoctorhttp://www.pctools.com/spyware-doctor/also try going to tools>internet options>programs>manage addons You can disable browser helpers(sometimes adware there) Also change it to Addons IE … Read more

What kind of malware is “Hijack Display Properties”?

I recently installed an anti-malware program from malwarebytes.org after my Yahoo email account was hijacked. The program detected and removed the malware program "hijack display properties." Do you know whether that program has a key logging that would have allowed a third party to gain access to my Yahoo email account?6 AnswersYou have to assume … Read more

What radio stations play Panic at the Disco?

I haven’t heard them on the radio yet, something I’m mad about. >.<2 Answers104.7 kdukIt really depends on where you live. Here in Los Angeles, I have heard them player on Star 98.7 and 106.7 KROQ.

what is the meaning of random pics ?

what does this mean, i know what pics mean but actually i wanted to know what does random means…….. 🙂5 Answersrandom = casual, accidental, unplanned random pics = photos taken (or chosen) without following any pattern.Random PicSource(s): https://shrinks.im/a8bqwRandom MeaningSource(s): https://shorte.im/bbf5cThis Site Might Help You. RE: what is the meaning of random pics ? what does … Read more

Can linemen wear football visors?

I only see qb’s and running backs wear them and I am a lineman and as soon as I got one they were saying linemen dont wear them is that true?2 AnswersI dont think so, Plus linemen helmets are different, QB and WR and RB’s helmets have the space where the eyes are more open, … Read more

Does chocolate really cause dogs to get worms?

19 AnswersChocolate does not cause dogs to get worms. Dogs get worms by eating an infected item such as infected meat or the stools of another animal with worms.Chocolate however is TOXIC to dogs in certain quantities. It can cause liver and kidney damage and it is very irresponsible to feed it to any animal. … Read more

In NFL stats, what does “LG” stand for?

It’s usually posted under receivers’ and running backs’ stats.Example: Randy MossReceptions: 9Total Yards: 102Touch Downs: 2LG: 2017 AnswersLG means longest reception. Which mean Randy Moss longest catch or yards gain was only 20 yards.This Site Might Help You.RE:In NFL stats, what does "LG" stand for?It's usually posted under receivers' and running backs' stats.Example: Randy MossReceptions: … Read more