What does the Japanese phrase “ohaiyo watashi wa baka desu” mean?

8 AnswersGood morning. I am a fool. ohayou(おはよう) – not ohaiyo = good morning watashi(私) = I baka(ばか) = a foolSource(s): mother tongueWatashi Wa Baka DesuSource(s): https://shorte.im/a7XDxThe other answers say it means ‘you are stupid’, so I’ll say why it made you sound young. Anata is the "default" form of you, the kind you learn … Read more

Is glycerin polar or nonpolar?

1) Is glyercin the same thing as glycerol? 2) This question is about glycerin, not glycerol, if they are in fact different substances. Is glycerin polar or non-polar?5 Answers1.) They’re one and the same 2.) It is polar due to the hydroxyl group (-OH). The O pulls electrons towards itself from the H atom, creating … Read more

what does deewani/ deewana mean?

i know its something in hindi/urdu. im paki/indian and my friend who is paki was saying i luv my friend (he’s a guy) and she was like, deewani! aap aur Adel! (you and Adel!)6 Answersdeewana means crazy or mad.but,it is used in a good sense.it’s never used to insult or hurt someone! there are other … Read more

why isn’t viralness a word?

When referring to the effectiveness of a viral advertising campaign, or when a video is extremely, or not very, viral, you want a word exactly like “viralness” to discuss it; however, there is no entry in any dictionary for this word. Is there a better word I should use? “Virality” is not correct. What part … Read more

Activation barrier and rate constant question?

A reaction has a rate constant of 1.24×10−4s−1 at 27 ∘C and 0.231s−1 at 75 ∘C .a) Determine the activation barrier for the reaction.Express your answer in units of kilojoules per mole.b) What is the value of the rate constant at 18 ∘C ?Express your answer in units of inverse seconds.1 Answera)ln(k2/k1) = (Ea/R)(1/T1 – … Read more

Try not to let yourself be dazzled, when you search these drawers

My clue scroll says: "Try not to let yourself be dazzled, when you search these drawers" Help??4 Answers"East Ardougne (near the gate to West Ardougne) search the drawers in Jimmy Dazzler’s house near the pub." Have fun.Source(s): tip.it – Treasure Trail HelpIn East Ardougne, at Jimmy the Dazzler’s house north of the castle across the … Read more

Who was Ducky Dempster?

I seriously think he was a real person, but none of my search queries prove me correct save Mr. Bentley’s impersonation on The Jefferson’s.1 AnswerPaul Benedict play Mr. Bentley on the Jefferson’s. I also think he did a Ducky Dempster imitation.Source(s): www.latimes.com

What is the value of this medallion?

I found this gold Jewish medallion and want to know how much it’s worth. Is it real gold? Star of David is on one side with a plus sign in the middle of it. "Yod Je" Vau Je" is above the plus sign. Here is a link with a picture of the back side. Any … Read more

Are dominican guys players and do they treat women badly?

ive heard this but dont believe you can put them all in the same categoryim 16 and african american………..3 Answersbeing dominican I wouldn’t say that all of them are players or treat women badly. It depends on how they are raised and how they are influenced. Especially talking about men from 18 to 30. Since … Read more

What is the “Trick my Truck” theme song??

i love that song and i know its my tim mcgraw but i cant find the name of the song !6 Answers“How Bad Do You Want It”, by Tim McGraw off the album, “Live Like You Were Dying” Link to the song below….Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfQFU0omkJI OTR Driver for 14yrsThis Site Might Help You.RE:What is the "Trick … Read more

what is that song in the movie white cнιcκs called?…?

not a thousand miles…wat is the song that is played when they are in the club and they are break dancing in the dance off? song title and artist please6 AnswersSong Name: “It’s Tricky”Album: Raising HellArtist: Run-DMCI’ve been looking for this song forever! I finally found it.Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It’s_TrickyWhite ᑕнιcκs Dance OffSource(s): https://shrinks.im/a8ZGdWhite ᑕнιcκs Dance Off … Read more

Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic field……………?

Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic field at point P due to the current in the semicircular section of wire shown in the figure . (Hint: Does the current in the long, straight section of the wire produce any field at P?)Express your answer in terms of the variables I, R and appropriate constants.B) Find … Read more

Blinking snowflake on thermostat?

We turned on our a/c and the snowflake was blinking! Does that mean the a/c is broken or the thermostat? Please hrlp8 AnswersIn my experience, the little icon blinking means it knows you’re asking for cooling, but there’s a time delay built in. So give it a few minutes.This will be the kind of question … Read more

Why does Ti-84 plus calculator gives me the wrong answer?

When i plug in: Sqrt[82582.7813 – 69915.2788*Cos[98.005]]on my ti-84 plus calculator, it says the answer is 303.8406641, but when i do the exact same problem on my computer (using Wolfram Mathematica) it gives me 373.71431795825 instead.. I am sure i did not make a typo, i even re-typed the equation several times, and every time … Read more

Does Jayma Mays have an accent?

I know she’s from America but if you listen really careful to her interviews she totally has an accent! I don’t know if its just that her husband’s accent has rubbed off on her or something. Has anyone else noticed this?4 AnswersShe’s from Grundy, VA, so it might have something to do with that. But … Read more

why can’t rhinos walk backwards?

i heard that if a rhino walks backwards their legs would break, is that true? why can’t rhinos walk backwards??5 AnswersThis is not true.Rhino’s can walk backwards (I have witnessed it) and there is some testimonials about the bronx zoo keeprers seeing it too. the only known animals that cannot walk backwards is kangaroos and … Read more

Waht is the next number in this sequence 100 52 28 16 10?

4 Answers(100/2) + 2 = 52( 52/2 ) + 2 = 28(28 / 2) +2 = 16(16 / 2) + 2 = 10 (10/2 ) + 2 = 7 >>>> answerSeven52 = (100 + 4)/228 = (52 + 4)/216 = (28 + 4)/210 = (16 + 4)/27 =(10+4)/27100/2+2=5252/2+2=2828/2+2=1616/2+2=1010/2+2=7Interesting the +4 approach noted above.206. hmm it … Read more

whats x2 plus x2 equal?

its confusing is it 2x or is it 2 and then the little small 2thanks everybodyi meant x^2 plus x^213 AnswersIf the question is x^2 + x^2 then the answer is definitely 2x^2.The exponent doesn’t change, just the base. Think of it this way, one apple plus one apple is …yes, two apples. It’s the … Read more

In the 1980’s rap song “Buttermilk Biscuits” who sings the falsetto?

It’s by the group Sir Mix-A-Lot, but it’s obviously not the regular lead.5 Answersthese fools don’t know ѕнι𝓉e. it’s Sir Mix-A-Lot’s homeboy Kid Sensation. they are right about the sped up vocal tho.This Site Might Help You.RE:In the 1980's rap song "Buttermilk Biscuits" who sings the falsetto?It's by the group Sir Mix-A-Lot, but it's obviously … Read more

G-Force guinea pig names?

i knwo Darwin, Blaster, and juarez but what is the fat fluffy ones name?6 AnswersHis name is Hurley.G Force Guinea Pig NamesSource(s): https://shrinks.im/a9EUbG Force CharactersSource(s): https://shrink.im/a0QGMThis Site Might Help You. RE: G-Force guinea pig names? i knwo Darwin, Blaster, and juarez but what is the fat fluffy ones name?Source(s): force guinea pig names: https://tr.im/lsMDHThe G-Force … Read more


describe pizza with as many words as possible, but effective… logest list with most decriptive ones gets best answer 😀10 Answerscheesy, gooey, sticky, salty, meaty, tasty, delicious, affordable, cheap, saucy, doughy, warm, hearty, delicious, unhealthy, greasy, buttery, baked, homemade, take-out, boxed, fresh, hot, fattening, stuffed, deep-dish, thin-crust, sweet, spicy, comforting, wonderful, fantastic, amazing, filling, yummy, … Read more

toshiba tv wont turn off help?

i dont understand i had this tv for 2 yrs and now it wont turn off i press remote turn off nothing i thought battery change it same but then i went tv it self same deal i am scratching my head why now does anyone know what hell is wrong with this2 AnswersThe only … Read more