how to make a red ryder bb gun more powerful?

like make it about 100 more fps11 AnswersThey made it that way for a reason. It is as powerful as it was designed to be. What you never saw The Christmas Story? You’ll shoot your eye out kid! Seriously the RR was designed as a child’s first gun low power and marginal accuracy. They make … Read more

Can you really blow an o-ring?

Several times, people have mentioned that if you force pooping too much, you’ll “blow an o-ring”. I know it’s a funny metaphor, but I’m wondering: can one really damage their body by forcing a bowel movement too hard? And how?4 AnswersSimple. The mechanism is a strained muscle. After all, it is a muscle a sᴘнι.ɴcтᴇʀ … Read more

Has anyone ever heard of neUventure on Wall Street stocks seminars?

I had a friend who went to one of their seminars and he said he liked it. I’m just wanting to make sure it’s not a scam and if not that it’s a good seminar5 Answers1. BBB Accreditation NeUventure on Wall Street is not BBB Accredited. Businesses are under no obligation to seek BBB accreditation, … Read more

Which type of medication is placed in the ear? ( i work @ cvs and we non pharmacy have to take this as well)?

1) Which type of medication is placed in the ear? Elixirs Suspensions Ophthalmic preparations Otic preparations2) Which of the following medication types are taken by mouth? Tablets Suppositories Otic preparations Ophthalmic preparations3) Which type of medication is injected with a syringe? Sterile preparations Suppositories Otic preparations Ophthalmic preparations4) Which agency licenses Pharmacy employees? Drug Enforcement … Read more

What happened to

When I go there, it looks like the domain has gotten taken down or put up for sale. Does anyone know what really happened?6 Answersshut down :/ its getting changed to its on their twitter should be up in a few daysUndiscovered PwdsSource(s): the best answers, search on this site*runs and gets … Read more

Does anyone know how to get to

My computer is not successful to find this website, so how can I pay this company online? Please, someone out there give me some tips, thanks. Eugenia D3 AnswersI had no problem getting to that site. It is .net though, not .com. But I even got to the right address using .com. It just found … Read more

Illustrator dimensions of this page are out-of-range problem?

I want to save my file as a pdf and send it off to print but I cannot save it and the error that I am getting is that the “dimensions of this page are out-of-range.” I’ve tried everything from restarting AI, copy and paste onto a new file, crop marks, changing preferences… argh!! It … Read more