what is the password for boom boom volleyball?

2 Answers GETUMOUT Source(s): http://www.gamewinners.com/DOSWIN/blboomboomvolley… dude its anime sum1 is desperate and just go to the comments below the game sum1 is bound to have put it up ForNoob

Who is Swifty on World of Warcraft?

I hear people in-game talking about swifty… I have a few questions. 1.) Who is Swifty? 2.) Why is he/she so famous? 3.) Does he/she still play? 2 Answers Someone who plays the warrior class in wow that puts out tutorial/guide videos every week, mostly pvp. He got famous because he got sponsored by Razer … Read more

why is the sky blue?? be creative?

most creative answer gets the 10 points 60 Answers Because it isn’t green. I think being creative would be asking a more answerable question. But: A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun … Read more

What is courtwarming?

1 Answer Courtwarming In some parts of the country, high school basketball has gained a homecoming celebration of its own. Often referred to as Winter Homecoming, Hoopcoming, Coronation, Snowcoming, or Courtwarming (the latter is especially prominent in parts of Missouri), it usually includes rallies, dress-up days, special dinners, king and queen coronations, and other winter-friendly … Read more

what does this mean…..Simma’ don-na!!!!!?

A letter I received adressed me as Simma’ don-na!!!!! what does this mean? 8 Answers "Simmer down now." I saw a skit on SNL years ago where they kept saying "Summer, Donna Summer" on it like that…making it sound like "simma don-na". I’m pretty sure that’s what it means. Simma Da Na Source(s): https://shorte.im/bbxBn This … Read more

which sentence illustrates parallel structure?

a. A year spent not by the ocean, but by the lake, is a perfect year. b. The flaws in this essay are, first, the sarcastic tone of the thesis statement; second, the thesis statement is too vague. c. Their summer camp teaches many skills: canoeing, skiing, and to make rope. d. it’s a good … Read more

Different Ways to Spell Taylor?

Hi, does anyone know of different ways to spell Taylor? I know you can spell it “Tayhlor” and “Tayler” and I like both. Got any other spellings? ANY are helpful at all. Easy 10 points, Thanks! =] 18 Answers ive seen some similar to these: Talor Tayler Taelor Taylore Tailore Talore my favorite is the … Read more

unpack level scoops of formula or what?

I have heard different things. I have heard to scoop the powder to the top only and then to pour it in the bottle,and then i have heard to scoop the powder then tap it to get the spaces of air in the scooper out and then pour it in. i have always tapped it … Read more


harbor, pier, wharf and port,以上這幾個單字的意思,都有港口碼頭之意,但是要如何區分呢?請英文高手解惑! 3 Answers > harbor, pier, wharf and port,以上這幾個單字的意思,都有港口碼頭之意,但是要如何區分呢? 以上這幾個單字的意思整理如下 意思          harbor port wharf pier 船舶停靠的地方      O  O   O  O 提供避風,安全停靠的功能 O  O   ?  ? 服務漁業         O  X   X  X 服務商業         X  O   X  X 天然港口         O  X   X  X 人工港口         O  O   X  X 港口都市         X  O   X  X 指船隻停泊裝卸貨物的碼頭 O  O   O  X 與海岸成直角突出的碼頭  X  X   X  O 供旅客貨物上下船或散歩用 X  X   X  O harbor 。船舶停靠的地方 。提供避風,安全停靠的功能; 。主要服務漁業 。一般用詞,指停泊船隻、裝卸貨物的天然或人工港口。 port 。船舶停靠的地方 。提供卸貨,裝貨的功能 。服務商業 。多指人工港口,還可指有港口的市。 wharf 。指船隻停泊裝卸貨物的碼頭。 pier 。專指與海岸成直角形而突出的碼頭,可供旅客,貨物上下船或供人散步用。 ☆☆☆ 参考 harbor,port,pier的區別_百度知道 http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/81613187.html?fr=… Source(s): 百度知道 harbor是碼頭,但沒有port大 pier是提防.防波提之意 wharf比較常用作動詞.入港之意 port是港口.比harbor規模大 Source(s): 自己 從英文字典的英文翻譯來看: 1.Harbor: a place … Read more

How hard is a basic college accounting class?

I am a business major, not sure which area of business I want to get into, but I have to take an accounting class, and was wondering what the heck accounting is, and what the class entails? 14 Answers Some people find it extremely difficult, and others love it. Basically, if you can remember debits … Read more

How can I delete Dhtmlheader?

Theres a virus thing called DHtmlheader or something like that. It has a locked folder in E:/ When i try to delete it, it says Administrators have to give permission. Okay i know how to give permission, my user actually has the permission but Administrators doesn’t. So I tried to add Administrators and give it … Read more

what is pdvdrip and camrip which is better?

2 Answers CAMRip is a copy made in a cinema using a camcorder, possibly mounted on a tripod. The sound source is the camera microphone. Cam rips can quickly appear online after the first preview or premiere of the film. The quality ranges from terrible to very good, depending on the group of persons performing … Read more

What does accumbularate mean? it is on my Stig cup?

If you don’t know who the Stig is you are dragging the human gene pool down. 5 Answers I don’t know, or care, who the stig is. I am perfectly comfortable in that fact and dont’ believe I am dragging the gene pool down. However, I would question the relative value to the gene pool … Read more

What is the x and y component of final momentum?

Two particles collide and bounce apart. The figure shows the initial momenta of both and the final momentum of particle 2. http://session.masteringphysics.com/problemAsset/1… a) What is the x component of final momentum of particle 1? b)What is the y component of final momentum of particle 1? http://session.masteringphysics.com/problemAsset/1… 2 Answers Recalling the conservation of linear momentum, we … Read more

Macy’s call out hotline?

What is Macy’s Call Out Hotline for when you are sick? I have searched the entire internet, and all my papers, and I can’t find it anywhere,and I know for fact there is one! 8 Answers In my macys you call the store itself, then the voice tree comes on & there is an extension … Read more

Select the property that allows the statement 3 = x to be written x = 3.?

commutative – addition distributive associative – multiplication symmetric commutative – multiplication associative – addition identity – addition 2 Answers My guess would be distributive. But this is not the math section, so don’t get made if I’m wrong. I’ll tell you, but you need to tell me what this has to do with law and … Read more

!!!1 english question!!!! please?!?

19. Many horror and suspense stories such as “The Lottery” use stereotypical ________________ instead of complex individuals because readers readily relate to them. (1 point) 2 Answers characters or individuals…. characters ( not individuals because it has already been used once.) ForNoob

0.1 is 10 times as much as?

9 Answers Let the number be x 0.1 is 10 times as much as x Meaning that.. 10x = 0.1 x = 0.1/10 x = 0.01 ∴ 0.1 is 10 times as much as 0.01 The answer is 0.01 0.1 is 10 times bigger or smaller , when it is smaller 10 times to a … Read more

if your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun. What does that mean?

it is from ben franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack. 9 Answers In my opinion it means that if you get into situations and you know what the outcome might be you should try to avoid them or something might happen to you but that’s just my opinion. It means that, the top is already shining, skillful … Read more

How much does an average ball of weed weight?

When you go to a legal dispensary in California and purchase an 1/8th, they serve it up to you in a series of balls. I don’t own a gram scale myself, but i’m just wondering…does anyone know the average weight of one of these individual balls? Guesstimations are also appreciated. 7 Answers probably about 1-2 … Read more

Are faceplates of aftermarket car radios interchangeable?

I have an aftermarket car radio. I want to upgrade and get a better one. Do I have to buy the entire unit? Or can i just buy a new faceplate with different features etc and snap it on? 5 Answers The faceplate is just the controls. If you want to upgrade the stereo, you … Read more