Bacardi 151 how many shots to get drunk?

I usually drink vodka, and I pour half a cups worth, mix it with coke, and that has me spinning. I understand its much more potent, so how much should i pour out to get that happy drunk feeling? i wish i could tell you what vodka i drink cause at that point its simple math but i never paid attention; pinnacle changes it alc levels per flavor sometimes and I never stick to a brand. Just give me a best estimate, don’t hit me with the whole “it varies person to person” jaft.

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  • You shouldn’t be doing straight shots of Bacardi 151 if that is what you’re getting at. As the name suggests, it is 151 proof aka about 75% alcohol. The fact that Bacardi classifies it as rum instead of grain alcohol alone is somewhat debatable. It is one of those things that is often used for flaming shots & c̫o̫ςκtails since its high alcohol content makes it highly flammable. It is not intended to be consumed straight without anything to dilute it. Straight shots of a liquor with such a high alcohol content is very, very bad for you. It’s really hard on your stomach and your liver.

    Anyway, assuming you’re talking about mixing it with coke or something which I hope is the case…you gotta be mindful of the fact that it is much stronger than the vodka you’ve been drinking. Vodka is typically around 35% alcohol. Stoli I believe is one of the notably higher alcohol vodkas at 40%. So at 75% alcohol Bacardi 151 is pretty much twice as strong as vodka. If you are looking for the same drunk/buzz that you get from filling half a cup with vodka and half with coke, then I’d say you should start by just putting 1.5 to 2 shots of Bacardi 151 in a cup and filling the rest generously with coke or whatever else you’re using. You can always drink more if you want to get more buzzed after that but honestly I think that should be enough to get you where you want to be based on what you’ve said. It’s heavy stuff, and regardless of how drunk you want to get if you put more than 2 shots of that stuff in a mixed drink it’s just going to taste god awful.

  • it varies person to person. lol i couldn’t help myself. It depends on how fast you drink it obviously. Most vodkas are about 80 proof ( which if you didn’t know means it is 40% alcohol). Bacardi 151 is, you guessed it, 151 proof ( which comes to around 75% alcohol). So based on the fact that it is a little less than 2 times as potent as teh average vodka, I would suggest you use about half the amount that you normally would.

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