Backing up data using Helium?

So, my android phone has been lagging a lot lately and I decided to format it. However, I have the Neko Atsume game in which there’s no option for logging in and if I format my phone, all the data will be deleted..and I’m so close to finding all the cats *cries* I searched for solutions quite a bit and found Helium that backs up your app data and then restores it. I want to back up my data on the internal storage (since backing up my data in a Cloud needs premium which I can’t afford) but..if I format the phone Helium will be deleted too? What’s the point of backing up on internal storage then? Any help? Does this work or there’s no hope?

Thank you in advance!

1 Answer

  • Read up on how and where Helium saves/stores the file it creates when it makes your backup. Is your SD card and option? Online storage? If so use one of the many free options like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc, and copy the backup to one of them (both actually).

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