Band named The “something” Project?

Im looking for the name of a band that i used to listen to on yahoo music. It popped up when they had the music tracker thing but i cant find them anymore. this band had lots of members in it and the lead singer was a white guy. there was a girl in it an asian guy, and other members. they are kinda like dave matthews but more alternative i guess. they have some really great songs and i cant find their name anywhere. i dont remember any of the songs names. i do know from some of their videos it seemed like the girl in the band had a thing with the lead singer. i want to say even one of the band members played an accordian. one played a violin, lots of different stuff going on. there was a vidoe that had the members riding motorcycles, another video with them on stairs, and even another with them on a carousel i think. i really think the band name started with The and ended with Project. maybe the lead singers name in the middle? can anyone help me find the name of this band please. thanks

emerald. naw thats not it. this is a current band and i also remembered one of the songs. it goes something like “changing..changing..i am the same i ever was. changing”. lol. thats all i got

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