Banned from Omegle, scared, help?!?

Okay, so earlier tonight on Omegle a friend of mine dared me to show my penis on cam, so I did. It was a one-time thing and now I’m freaking out. I got re-directed to a porn site right afterwards and now I cannot get online! Every time I try to chat on omegle in any way it says “Banned.” and redirects me to a porn site for live cams! I’m mainly worried about police, though. I noticed that on omegle’s TOS they say that they keep your IP for potential police reasons, and I’m underaged. I’m sooo scared. Will the police find my house? HELPPP

I’m an underaged teenager, but I NEVER showed my face.

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  • Omegle has your IP address, but do you really think they would record you showing your ding dong? They would get in legal trouble for child pornography charges.

    Don’t worry at all, they can’t and won’t do a thing.

  • It is best. I’ve heard about individuals getting randomly banned utilizing the cams facet of Omegle. Also, the police are not able to do anything and can not go after you should you did nothing fallacious. You’re just looking a internet site and speaking to strangers. You have been banned with the aid of Omegle. No massive deal, but it will not last long. Long anyone else already mentioned, just unplug your modem a whilst and then reconnect to Omegle. You are best.

  • Calm the f*** down, and here are some reasons why…

    1. Omegle, the company, does not give a s*** about what you did, do, or will do, (i have done much worse stuff than this)

    2. Reset your modem, you are assigned a new ip by your ISP.

    3. Showing your dick on Omegle, is not worth the time for the police to find you.

  • This is considered risky behaviour. Just let the stress you feel remind you not to do dumb stuff on the computer. Accept that you are banned and keep your wits about you.

    Omegle will not do anything, but hackers are another story. They do not play by the rules.

  • I showed porn on camera, and I never got banned.

    And why is it redirecting you to a porn site?

    You should get adblock and Web of Trust, as that site may be malware.

    I never heard of an adult Omegle.

  • Don’t worry about it, there are so many people jacking off on omegle that I seriously doubt the police cares… they will only investigate serious crimes such as distribution of child pornography, or sexual predators

  • Ah don’t worry about it, it happened to my friend for the same thing and he is underage and nothing happened to him.

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