Bars/clubs in Singapore that don’t require ID?


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  • if u are a young pretty girl… use your charm on those bouncers.. it mostly work.

  • Generally only clubs/larger bars in Singapore (not the smaller bars/pubs) have bouncers at the entrances hence they’d check your ID. However, if you look old enough, even these bouncers wouldn’t check your ID. But if you’re in a group where a few look very young, then the whole group might get checked.

    You can try the more casual or smaller bars or pubs – virtually no ID issues at all. Unless you look 13 of course. Just walk in, get a seat and order a drink like a seasoned hand.

  • Singapore’s pretty strict about checking IDs.

    You can, however, sneak in if you :

    1. Have a friend who’s a bouncer/bartender/manager of a bar/club

    2. Borrow an ID from a friend and pass of as him/her

    3. Have a friend who knows the bouncer/bartender/manager of a bar/club

    4. Go with a large group of friends who are of age.

    Some bars that I’ve entered without the customary ID check are:

    – Timbre

    – Baa Baa Black Sheep located at Cherry Ave

    – Indochine

    – Balcony

  • R u underage if not walk in as per normal doubt there will ask . Go KTV if u want sure noone will want to check u but dun drink if u r underage

  • What’s your skin colour? Underaged white people are less likely to get carded. I never see any people having to show ID (drinks are so expensive in Singapore it’s hard for most teenagers to afford it).

  • all bars/clubs need ID. Unless u look older or u go in a matured group

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  • In Singapore ? Fat hope . Good luck in finding one !

  • Find a place that doesn’t serve alcohol and you’re good to go.

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