Beelzebub Anime Vs Manga?

I hear the manga is a lot better and you don’t get all the characters. Does the anime essentially follow the manga story line completely though? I can’t find the last episodes in the manga at all so if they stop at 60 episodes I won’t know where to pick up from. Could someone tell me the big differences, chapters that the anime skipped and if they know if there will be more than 60 episodes?

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  • i’m reading beelzebub manga and i never start to watch anime after i finish manga

    i think manga is more funnier than anime even if you don’t like reading after beelzebub you can finish all the chapters in one week(there is 142 chapters) and

    i don’t watch all episodes but watch until 11th episode i don’t like it even if i started beelzebub with its anime

    manga is more funnier as i said before and of course in manga there is no fillers but i don’t like reading fighting scenes on manga maybe anime is better than manga only with this point

  • There’s more comedy in the manga and the fights are fluid. Otherwise it’s virtually the same as the anime. None of the story is cut out. These last few episodes and next week’s episodes are fillers. That’s why you can’t find them in the manga.

  • there is no true way to tell they all differ and some anime’s follow the manga others dont at all it just depends you know

  • not too much different . the plots in manga and anime both are good.

  • Beelzebub Comic


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