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A clamp meter is a necessary tool if you are a technician, an electrical maintenance technician, or a DIYer who enjoys fixing things. The clamp meter is the best device to measure current in a circuit or wire without cutting the wire or disconnecting it from circuit power.

It will measure the power flow accurately by clamping the clamp meter jaws around a conductor, like a cable or wire, in an electrical system. This article will introduce you to the best clamp meter available right now.

Top 7 Best Clamp Meter Reviews

1. UEi DL369 Digital Clamp Meter

UEi DL369 Digital Clamp Meter HVAC Auto-Ranging 4000 Counts Volt Meter AC Amp Meter Measures AC...

UEI Test Instruments DL369 clamp-on meter is the overall best clamp meter with its mid-range price and high performance. In addition to its high resistance, the clamp-on type meter has a four megaohm maximum. We found the accuracy of this multimeter to be rock-solid in our tests. This tool offers impressive functionality at a modest price.

An inexpensive and standard battery makes a device more appealing. Power comes from two AAA batteries in the UEi DL369 camera. It is not backlit, though, which we were a bit disappointed with. It is sometimes difficult to see the screen when working in electrical boxes, so that a built-in light would have helped. The only complaint we have about this meter is that it is a little bit heavy. The clamp-on meter we tested is the best we have tested.


  • 4-MOhm resistance
  • Very accurate
  • Runs off 2 AAA batteries


  • No backlight
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2. Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter

Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter

Our premium choice for the 324 True RMS clamp meter comes from Fluke, one of the names in electrical metering. The quality is excellent, despite its price. Nevertheless, it can measure circuit continuity without touching or interrupting it and open up to 30 millimeters. One of the most striking features of this model was how well this function worked.

Fluke 324 has a backlit display, so you can easily see it even in the dark. Resistance cannot measure with this unit, which is its only real failing. In this list, it is one of the units with the lowest maximum resistance at four kilohms.

We understand that if you only test high-resistance circuits, you would probably purchase a different meter. However, we could still use the functionality. It is one of the best meters we have a test, so it is ranking third.


  • Safety ratings for CAT-III and CAT-IV
  • Display with backlight
  • Real-time RMS sensing
  • Sensor for wireless


  • It’s expensive
  • Max resistance 4 kOhm
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3. Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter

Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter AC Current and AC/DC Voltage Tester with Amp, Volt, Ohm,...

This very nice-looking clamp-meter from Etekcity is reasonably price and availability. Even though it may not impact performance, it is worth noting. The meter’s maximum resistance of 20 megaohms is an impressive performance attribute.

Despite its many benefits, there is one big flaw with the device. The multimeter is not capable of measuring DC. Standard electric work is mainly done with clamp-on meters, so AC should be sufficient for most people. In addition, we are only really bothered by the lack of backlighting on the screen.


  • Affordable
  • 20-MOhm resistance


  • AC only
  • Not backlit
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4. Uni-T True RMS AC/DC Current Mini Clamp Meter

Uni-T B4Q094 UT210E True RMS AC/DC Current Mini Clamp M W Capacitance Tester

Uni-T’s mini clamp meter has a small form factor that is hard to miss. First of all, you’ll notice its small size, but this device is much more than that. Unlike many other meters, this one provides RMS readings, generally reserved for equipment many times its price.

Moreover, because it has a resistance of 20 megaohms, this meter can use to measure high-resistance current, making it an extremely versatile device. The meter falls between the most and least expensive, putting it in the middle of the pack.

While the Uni-T mini clamp meter has many great qualities, it also has some noticeable shortcomings. It is challenging for this device to read DC signals. This device can do it, but you’ll have to start playing with it and keep your head still while measuring, so the current doesn’t get disturbed. It’s of poor quality, and the knob does not function properly.


  • A 20-MOhm resistor
  • RMS for real
  • It’s a small form


  • Lacks quality
  • Problems reading DC
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5. Klein Tools Maintenance Kit Clamp Meter

Klein Tools CL110KIT Electrical Tester / Maintenance Kit w/Clamp Meter, Continuity Tester, GFCI...

This meter is made by Klein, a name that is well known in electrical tools. There were several excellent features packed in, and on paper, it looked good. However, our testing revealed that Klein did not deliver on the promises made to us.

There was also a receptacle tester, which made determining which outlets are on which circuits easy. Up to 15 amps can draw without having to split the power cord it’s carried on. Not every feature was fantastic.

Despite the low price, this multimeter lacks true RMS capabilities. We’re also used to the two AAA batteries on other units. This would both be excusable if the CL110KIT were accurate and consistent.


  • Testing receptacles
  • Splitting lines


  • Unreliable readings
  • 3 AAA batteries required
  • RMS is not true
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6. Voltcraft Current Clamp Meter

Voltcraft Current Clamp Meter VC330; CAT II 600 V, CAT III 300 V, 2000 Counts, Compact and Robust,...

Despite being a pretty good clamp meter, the Voltcraft VC330 does not quite qualify as one of our best options. Although this is a disadvantage, the resistance of 10 megaohms is quite good and considerably higher than other clamp-style meters. Despite the low price, the meter offers true RMS capabilities.

This clamp has several valuable features, but it is pretty tiny. The most miniature model we tested had a 17 mm opening. Should that have been the only issue, the meter would have been rated higher. However, this app records an excessive number of ghost readings.

Our measurement accuracy can compromise by this phenomenon, and that’s something we can’t ignore. It only reads up to 2,000 counts, which is another complaint about the multimeter. However, you may want to switch to a more robust clamp that’s more reliable.


  • Resistance of 10-MOhm
  • Measuring RMS


  • It’s too narrow – 17mm
  • Overheats too easily
  • No more than 2000 counts
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7. HOLDPEAK Digital Clamp Multimeter

HOLDPEAK Digital Clamp Multimeter Connect with APP via Bluetooth HP-570C-APP, Amp Ohm Tester,4000...

There is an exceptional feature of this clamp multimeter from HOLDPEAK. With the application, it connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Measurement readings on two separate screens. Quite handy, we think. In addition to the large 45mm clamp opening on this device, however, that was the only feature we enjoyed about it.

There would be some drawbacks to this device if everything were ideal. You won’t be testing anything with even moderate resistance, for instance, since the 1kOhms max resistance is pretty low. The problem is worse. Taking a measurement, this unit shows the result very slowly. The wait time as long as five seconds. However, readings fluctuate the most. There were times when it was erratic, jumping around erratically.


  • App for smartphones with Bluetooth
  • Opening measures 45mm


  • Max resistance 1kOhms
  • Readings that fluctuate
  • Shows final value slowly
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Best Clamp Meter Buying Guide

best clamp meter

The accuracy

Consistent and accurate measurements are essential from a clamp meter. Identical readings are obtained for all currencies with a dependable clamp meter. A trusted brand can eliminate accuracy concerns.

Size of the clamp

There is considerable variance among models regarding clamping openings, which range from 17 mm to 45 mm. The clamp opens for hands-free operation so that you can hang the meter. However, it won’t stop there. Clamp meters can test a wire by wrapping the clamp around it while a voltage detector is built into the clamp. Checking a circuit is possible without touching it.

Resistance at maximum

Current can flow more efficiently or more slowly, according to the Ohms measurement. As low as four kOhms found on some of these meters. The resistance of other devices can even reach up to 20 megohms. You will need this capability if you measure highly resistive systems. Although, you would be OK with a lower maximum resistance if you count only fundamental house currents.

Screen with backlight

In darker areas where visibility is poor, there is a lot of electric work going on. You can only view your measurements in such a situation if you have a backlit screen. However, this feature cannot be found on every multimeter. We suggest you look for a backlit screen if you’re not using a well-lit area like your laboratory or workshop.


You should first and foremost consider the level of safety that a clamp meter offers. By looking at the build quality and material used for the device, it is easy to understand. In general, the safer a device is, the higher the total voltage, current, and resistance rating is. In addition to having regulatory certifications, secure devices also come with assurances that they are safe.


A warranty clause or window does not come with every clamp meter, but brands and high-quality clamp meters come with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. Some brands even provide a 3-year warranty.


What is a clamp meter good for?

A clamp meter eliminates the need to cut into the wire, insert a meter’s lead in the circuit, and measure current directly through the line. In a clamp meter, the jaws of the instrument do not have to touch a conductor.

Is a clamp meter better than a multimeter?

Multimeters typically measure voltage, resistance, continuity, and sometimes low current. A clamp meter is designed to measure current, whereas a multimeter measures voltage, resistance, and continuity. Multimeters are better at measuring accuracy and resolution, while clamp meters measure high winds.

Are cheap clamp meters accurate?

The precision of current measurements is around 5%, and that of voltage is about 3%. Because it is inexpensive, this meter is best suited to troubleshooting rather than configuration. While you will tell if a component is running correctly, minute details will be hard to discern.

Are Klein Clamp Meters any good?

There aren’t too many digital multimeters out there like Klein’s (which are among the best and are a fraction of some of the big brands). As a rule, when you choose a Klein multimeter, you can expect a reliable product with high-quality features and an affordable price.

What is a True RMS clamp meter?

The accurate RMS reading of a multimeter takes into account the potential heat from an applied voltage. To determine the power dissipated in a resistor, RMS measurements are used instead of average responding sizes. The voltage component of a signal is usually measured only by a multimeter using a dc blocking capacitor.


Electrical connections can determine with these phenomenal devices without requiring invasive procedures. You need to understand electrical metrics to make good use of these instruments.

Professional electricians recommended the most user-friendly equipment on our list. If you choose the best clamp meter, make sure you select a highly accurate and reliable one before opting for the most technical and complicated model. Also, make sure it’s easy to carry and durable. That will prepare you for lifetimes of electrical testing!

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