Best graffiti markers to buy?

OKay, so ive been doing a lot of graffiti with just pencils boring texters and markers and ****, and i think im ready to be doing **** with better markers? So I was just woundering if i was just drawing in a book on paper or something what kind of markers would be the best and were could i buy them? I live in Australia, Melbourne.

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  • OTR work well. start off with sharpies then go onto expensive markers like copic, OTR, or what ever

  • Best Graffiti Markers For Paper

  • COPIC markers are probably the best although its pricey it is awesome quality and is well worth your money I suggest you buy it at ebay and in a set. But it bleeds through normal paper so I suggest you get a new bleed proof pad while your at it hope it helps

  • Mop markers write on anything and so do Decos rub the tip of the deco on the ground before bleeding it to make it the width u want and you can write over anything. if you’re looking to drip go with Krink and if u just wanna do crazy tags all over buy a Pilot( gotta be 18 to buy it, in nyc)

  • Sharpie makes the best markers, a bit pricey but well worth it if your serious about your art. I’m sure you can find them in any store that carries school or art supplies.

  • Molotow, Promarker, Posca, Copic, all great markers but sharpie are great for starting out.

  • Sharpues theyre easy to srteal or if ubuytheyre cheap price or also crayola r good markers theres not really aboutthe quality ofthembuthow youuse them i also likepaint markers such as decos

  • krink markers are good, so are primms. Also Prismacolors are amazing. They bleed through also a bit pricey but well worth it. Another good thing to but from prisma is a blender comes in handy.


    sharpies are not too permanent even their paint and industrial markers. only real good thing from them for the streets is their mean-streaks easiest and cheapest would be to make your own out of a shoe cleaner bottle,oil based paint,thinner,and brake fluid. but if you wanna buy **** go on the web and look for krink,grog,molotow,otr,sakura,markal,ect…

  • I prefer to use uni posca markers (paint pens), they don’t bleed or fade, they are bold, come in lots of colours and sizes and you can draw on any colour paper and they still show up really bright! 🙂…

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