100 best movies on Netflix right now

The Netflix revolution has firmly entrenched itself into all aspects of media. It offers endless entertainment for everyone, no matter the mood or taste. And with over 300 titles to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find that movie you want right away. We’ve compiled a list of 100 best movies currently on Netflix, saving you hours of time scrolling.

Best Action Movies on Netflix

This is a list of action movies that are currently on Netflix streaming. This is a list of action movies that are currently on Netflix streaming. These are the best movies to watch when you are craving for something exciting. These movies are entertaining, thrilling, and suspenseful. From car chases to robberies to good old-fashioned revenge, these movies have it all.

6 Underground

6 Underground revolves around the story of a group of 6 assassins gathered by a rich billionaire with the purpose of "processing" evil people around the world to bring justice to the weaker people. Their mission this time is to overthrow the dictator Rovach Alimov of a country no one remembers his name on the world map. Will this newly assembled squad succeed?

The Old Guard

Andy and 3 others are Immortal Warriors with the responsibility of protecting the world from ancient times. At the present time, they continue to carry out that mission, but with more careful and discreet behavior to avoid the eyes and fear of mankind. However, a private pharmaceutical company tracked down and discovered the miraculous abilities of these Old Guards, so they found a way to hunt down and research their immortality.

Blood Red Sky

121 minutes of the time of the red blood sky movie around the story of the flight flying when simultaneously facing two dangers: terrorist and vampire – the disease spreads by a single mother passenger. In the Blood Red Sky movie, the bite-bitten victim will not die but will turn into dragon magic and continue to massage bloody in the air. In parallel with the tension of the tension between the two glowing forces is a human literary story about the sample situation and beautiful racing moments make you can’t take your eyes off the screen

Sweet Girl

Launched in the second half of 2021, Sweet Girl expresses the ambition of the "tycoon" Netflix on the cinema. With the presence of actor Jason Momoa – the actor who was very successful with the Aquanman – Sweet Girl promises to bring the manual actions with the context of an elaborate investment. After the departure of the wife because of the evil cancer, Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa plays) carries his heart with the pharmaceutical company because it has stopped selling a special medicine that is said to be extremely effective. While looking for the truth, Ray Cooper accidentally brought himself and daughter Rachel into a dangerous situation. The journey to protect the loving daughter, seeking Ray Cooper’s justice and revenge also from there.

Gemini Man

Henry is an American super spy with a history of never failing in any mission. However, at the age of 51, he decided to retire, finding peace in his life and soul. But his plan was thwarted by some malicious plots and he became the target of an organization called Gemini.

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