Best Nintendo DS games that doesn’t use the Touch Screen much?

If for whatever reason i have no access to the touch screen/ Microphone, what games would be best on the DS to play?

Also, does zelda make much use of the touch screen/ microphone?


7 Answers

  • Zelda is almost completely touch screen driven, and indeed does have microphone aspects.

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 can be played without touch screen controls.

    Contra 4 is completely button controlled.

    Yoshi’s Island 2 is also button controlled.

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl are mostly button controlled.

    New Super Mario Bros

    Animal Crossing:WW (mostly)

    …the list goes on. Hope this helps

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  • mario kart ds

    mario and luigi partners in time

    new super mario bros

    advance wars days of ruin

    (these games only need the touch screen to show the game. you don’t need the touch function but you still need the touchscreen to see what happen in the game)

    and zelda only use the touchscreen and microphone. it is impossible to play without

  • i don’t know about zelda, but the new super mario bros. game is awsome and the touch screen is never a factor other than the little weird mini games that are apart from the real game.

  • Contra 4 doesn’t need any touchscreen controls.

    Zelda is completely touchscreen, you use it to move, attack, go in doors, and you also use the microphone in the game.

    Sorry. =P

  • probably the best game is new super mario bros

  • mario.

    yoshi’s island.

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